Tamper Evident Duty Free Bag Tape

Tamper-evident security bag tape is designed to protect duty-free bags and their contents during transit and storage.

This instills trust in travelers, knowing their purchases are safe from tampering or theft.

Duty-free shopping is a perk many travelers enjoy, allowing them to purchase souvenirs and luxury goods at discounted prices. However, ensuring the security and authenticity of these purchases during travel is crucial. Tamper evident duty-free bag tape emerges as a critical tool in this process, safeguarding purchases and enhancing the overall travel experience for both passengers and retailers.

Its advanced tamper evident features provide visible evidence of any tampering or unauthorised access, ensuring the bag’s contents remain secure. 

The tape also helps duty-free shops comply with safety regulations and demonstrates their commitment to customer safety. Easy application and residue-free removal make it convenient for airport staff and customers.

Customisable branding options allow duty-free shops to reinforce their identity and commitment to security. The tape serves as a deterrent to potential thieves, reducing the risk of theft and tampering incidents.

The Need for Tamper Evident Tape

Duty-free shops operate within a unique security environment. Passengers often carry these sealed bags throughout airports, potentially exposing them to various risks:

Enhanced Security and Deterrence: This tape acts as a visual deterrent against unauthorized access. Its unique design often incorporates void patterns or hidden messages that become visible upon removal, leaving no room for ambiguity. This discourages attempts at tampering or resealing the bag with counterfeit goods.

Tamper Detection: If a bag has been breached, the tamper evident properties of the tape become evident. This immediate visual cue alerts airport security personnel or customs officials to a potential violation, allowing them to take appropriate action. Early detection minimizes losses for retailers and safeguards the integrity of duty-free products.

Unauthorized Tampering: Without proper security measures, purchased items could be tampered with or replaced with counterfeit goods.

Accidental Damage: Mishandling or accidental rips in the seal could raise concerns about the integrity of the contents.
Loss of Receipts: If a receipt is misplaced or damaged, the tamper evident tape becomes a crucial secondary verification tool.


Tamper evident security tape with security cuts for protecting high value goods
Tamper Evident Duty Free Bag Tape

Key Benefits

Tamper evident duty-free bag tape addresses these concerns, offering several key benefits:

Streamlined Security Checks: The presence of an intact tamper evident seal simplifies security checks. Officials can quickly verify the authenticity of the bag and its contents, expediting the security screening process and reducing delays for passengers.

Increased Passenger Confidence: Knowing their duty-free purchases are securely sealed with tamper evident tape provides passengers with peace of mind. This fosters a sense of trust and confidence in the security measures implemented by airports and duty-free retailers.

Regulatory Compliance: Many countries have regulations mandating the use of tamper evident seals for duty-free purchases. Utilizing this tape ensures that retailers comply with these regulations and avoid potential fines or penalties.

Preserving Product Quality: Liquids, perfumes, and other delicate items are often purchased duty-free. Tamper evident tape ensures that these items remain sealed and protected from damage or accidental spills throughout the travel journey.

Improved Brand Reputation: Duty-free retailers who prioritize security by using tamper evident tape demonstrate their commitment to offering authentic products and safeguarding customer purchases. This builds trust and loyalty among travelers, enhancing the brand reputation of the retailer.

Reduced Costs: While a seemingly small investment, tamper evident tape can help retailers avoid losses associated with product tampering and fraudulent claims. Additionally, it can streamline security checks, potentially reducing staffing costs associated with lengthy inspections.

Choosing the Right Tamper Evident Tape for Duty-Free Bags

Airlines and duty-free retailers have a variety of tamper evident tape options to choose from, each with its own advantages:

  • Level 2: The Foundation of Security

    • Void and Void Cold: This is the base level of security bag tape. Upon removal, the tape reveals a clear “VOID” message on the bag surface, leaving no doubt of tampering. Additionally, “Void Cold” functionality ensures the message appears even at cold temperatures, offering a wider range of protection.

    Level 3: Introducing Heat Detection

    • Void, Void Cold & Thermochromic: Building on Level 2, this level incorporates a thermochromic layer. This layer changes color when exposed to heat, revealing a hidden message or pattern in addition to the standard “VOID” message. This provides an extra layer of security, as it can detect attempts to bypass the adhesive using heat, such as with a hairdryer.

    Level 4: Enhanced Security with Physical Barriers

    • Void, Void Cold & Thermochromic & Security Cuts: This level elevates security further by integrating security cuts into the tape itself. These pre-scored lines weaken the tape at specific points, causing it to tear irregularly if someone attempts to remove it without breaking the seal. This combined with the thermochromic layer and “VOID” message creates a strong deterrent and clear evidence of tampering.

    Level 5: Adding Covert Protection

    • Void, Void Cold & Thermochromic & Security Cuts & Hidden UV Print: This level incorporates a hidden UV print into the tape design. This print is invisible to the naked eye but becomes visible under a UV light. Businesses can customize the UV print with logos, sequential numbers, or other unique identifiers, adding an additional layer of covert security and authentication.

    Level 6: The Ultimate Tamper Evident Solution

    • Void, Void Cold & Thermochromic & Security Cuts & Hidden UV Print & Water Fugitive: This top-tier security bag tape offers the most comprehensive protection available from Tamper Technologies. It combines all the features of Level 5 with a water-fugitive ink layer. This ink layer dissolves upon contact with water, providing a clear indication of tampering attempts involving water or other liquids. This is particularly valuable for situations where moisture exposure might be a concern.

By carefully selecting the right tamper evident tape and implementing its use effectively, airlines and duty-free retailers can significantly enhance passenger security, improve operational efficiency, and build a reputation for trust and reliability.

themochromic tamper evident bag tape from Tampertech
Bag Tape Learn how to use tamper evident security bag tape with thermochromic ink to demonstrate its authenticity and identify signs of tampering.

Tamper Evident Duty Free Bag Tape is a specialised adhesive tape designed to provide an added layer of security and protection for bags.

The tape is equipped with tamper-evident features that make any unauthorised access or tampering immediately visible.

When the tape is applied to the bag or package, it adheres securely to the surface, making it difficult to remove without leaving behind a clear indication of tampering. This can include messages like “VOID” or a distinctive pattern, providing an obvious visual alert to anyone attempting to breach the security seal. The tamper evident properties of the tape serve as a deterrent to potential thieves or dishonest handlers, as they know their actions will be detected, reducing the risk of theft or tampering incidents.

Tamper evident security bag tape is available in various sizes and strengths, making it suitable for different types of bags and packages. It is typically designed to be easy to apply, yet resistant to tampering attempts. Additionally, the tape is often customisable with logos or other branding elements, allowing businesses to reinforce their identity and commitment to security.

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