In the world of make-up and skincare products, trust is paramount. Consumers trust brands with products that they apply directly to their skin, hair, and even eyes. 

Tamper evident tapes and labels play a crucial role in safeguarding this trust by deterring tampering and ensuring product integrity. 

$ Billion

Counterfeit Cosmetics

Tamper evident labels to combat counterfeiting, a global issue amongst primarily skincare products, makeup, and fragrances. 



 The growing popularity of online shopping is making it easier for consumers to purchase cosmetics and beauty products from retailers.


Online Platforms

Account for 60% of global counterfeit cosmetic sales. Due to the difficulty for consumers to verify the authenticity of products.

$ Billion


The IACC also estimates that counterfeit cosmetics cause annual losses to the global beauty and cosmetics industry.

Beauty and Cosmetics Packaging Tamper Evident Solutions

Make-up packaging security label

Discover how tamper evident non residue labels protect make-up packaging
Find out more now about the benefits of small tamper evident labels
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Skincare packaging security label

Securing skincare packaging against counterfeits
Enhancing safety for consumers with clearly visible tamper evidence
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Cosmetics Security Labels

Ensuring integrity, preventing tampering, pilferage and counterfeiting within the supply chain
Discover the power of a tamper evident label protecting your high value products, brand and consumers!
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Make-up and Skincare secure packaging tape

Layered security, deterring tampering, assuring product integrity with tamper evident box tape
Safeguarding contents, deterring tampering, assuring product integrity with box tape
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Pallet Secure Tape for Beauty and Cosmetics

Securing shipments, deterring tampering, ensuring product integrity with pallet tape
Securing shipments, deterring tampering, ensuring product integrity with pallet tape
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Why Tamper Evident Tapes and Labels are Essential for Beauty and Cosmetics Packaging

1. Enhanced Product Safety:

  • Preventing Contamination: Tamper evident seals act as a barrier, discouraging unauthorized access and potential product contamination. This is particularly important for products containing sensitive ingredients or those used around delicate areas like the eyes. A broken seal instantly alerts consumers to a potential safety hazard.
  • Combating Counterfeiting: Counterfeit cosmetics are a growing concern, often containing harmful ingredients or lacking necessary regulations. Tamper evident features make it difficult to replicate authentic packaging, discouraging counterfeiters and protecting consumers from potentially dangerous products.

2. Building Brand Reputation:

  • Assurance of Quality: Tamper evident seals communicate a commitment to quality control. By taking steps to secure packaging, brands demonstrate that they prioritize the safety and well-being of their customers. This builds trust and loyalty, encouraging repeat purchases and positive brand perception.
  • Transparency and Traceability: Some tamper evident features leave a visible residue or message upon removal, providing a clear indication of tampering. This allows consumers to identify potentially compromised products and helps brands track potential issues within the supply chain.


3. Regulatory Compliance:

  • Meeting Legal Requirements: In some countries, specific regulations mandate the use of tamper evident seals for certain cosmetic products. This ensures that products meet stringent safety standards before reaching consumers. By implementing tamper evident solutions, brands demonstrate compliance and avoid potential legal ramifications.


4. Increased Consumer Confidence:

  • Peace of Mind: Tamper evident features provide a sense of security to consumers. Knowing that the packaging hasn’t been tampered with fosters trust in the product’s authenticity and safety. This encourages consumers to confidently purchase and use the product.
  • Enhanced Brand Image: Consumers are increasingly aware of potential safety concerns surrounding beauty products. A brand’s commitment to tamper evident packaging positions it as a responsible and trustworthy leader in the industry.


5. Customization for Different Needs:

Tamper evident tapes and labels come in a variety of forms to cater to specific packaging needs and aesthetics. Here are some popular options:

  • Void Tapes: These leave a “void” message upon removal, clearly indicating tampering.
  • Destructible Labels: These labels tear or crumble when tampered with, providing a visible sign of an attempt to access the product.
  • Customizable Labels: Brands can personalize tamper evident labels with logos and branding elements, enhancing brand recognition and aesthetics.


Beyond Security: Additional Benefits

Beyond their primary function of deterring tampering, tamper evident solutions offer additional benefits:

  • Improved Shelf Life: By securing packaging, tamper evident features can help prevent leaks and spills, potentially extending product shelf life.
  • Reduced Shrinkage: Tamper evident seals can deter pilfering during transportation and storage, minimizing inventory loss.
  • Marketing Tool: With customizable features, tamper evident labels can be incorporated into the overall design of the packaging, acting as a subtle yet effective marketing tool.


In today’s competitive beauty and cosmetics market, building trust and ensuring consumer safety are crucial for success. Tamper evident tapes and labels are not just an option, but a vital element of responsible packaging. By providing a visible and effective barrier against tampering, these solutions enhance product safety, build brand confidence, and ultimately contribute to a successful and thriving business.

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