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What are Tamper Evident Tapes and Labels?

TamperTechs Products. Tamper evident tapes and labels are specialized security solutions designed to deter tampering attempts and provide clear visual evidence of any breaches. They function as a physical barrier and visual deterrent, alerting users if a product, packaging, document, or any secured item has been tampered with.

Here’s how they work:

  • Adhesive Backing: Tamper evident solutions from TamperTech feature a strong adhesive backing that adheres instantly and firmly to the surface they are applied to. This strong adhesion makes them difficult to remove without leaving a visible trace.
  • Tamper Evident Feature: The core element of these solutions is their tamper evident features. This can be shown in various ways, including:
    • “VOID” Message: Upon removal, the label or tape reveals a clear “VOID” message or custom text/pattern for authentic protection, prominently indicating tampering.
    • Residue Tamper Evident: These solutions leave a permanent residue upon removal, acting as a clear sign of tampering.
    • Colour-Shifting / Thermochromic Tamper Evident: These advanced labels change colour when tampered with, providing an instant visual cue.
    • Security Cuts: This is a feature which with cause the label to tear/ break upon any tampering to further destroy it and ensure no re-application.


The Benefits of Tamper Evident Products from TamperTech

Tamper evident tapes and labels from TamperTech offer a range of benefits for businesses and consumers:

  • Enhanced Security: The primary benefit is undoubtedly enhanced security. These solutions deter tampering attempts and provide a clear indication if a theft or counterfeit has occurred. This protects against product theft, counterfeiting, unauthorized access to sensitive information, and product contamination.
  • Increased Transparency: Tamper evident solutions create a transparent audit trail. The visible evidence of tampering enables quick identification of breaches and allows for further investigation.
  • Improved Traceability: Many TamperTech solutions incorporate unique serial numbers or barcodes (they are free from us!). These identifiers enable product tracking and identification in case of theft or tampering, aiding in recovery efforts.
  • Peace of Mind: By providing a strong layer of security, tamper evident solutions offer peace of mind to both businesses and consumers. Businesses can be confident their products and assets remain secure, while consumers gain assurance that they are receiving genuine, untampered-with goods.
  • Reduced Loss: Tamper evident solutions can significantly reduce financial losses incurred due to theft, counterfeiting, and product tampering.
  • Brand Protection: By safeguarding product authenticity, tamper evident solutions protect your brand reputation and foster consumer trust. We do this primarily through customising the security message / custom void message to ensure a completely unique solution.


Applications of Tamper Evident Tapes and Labels

The applications of tamper evident tapes and labels from TamperTech are vast and extend across numerous industries:

  • Packaging Security: These solutions are ideal for securing product packaging across various industries, including pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, electronics, cosmetics, and luxury goods. They deter tampering attempts and ensure consumers receive genuine, uncontaminated products.
  • Cash-in-Transit Security: Heavy-duty tamper evident tapes secure armored vehicles used for cash transportation. These tapes leave a clear “VOID” message upon removal, deterring theft attempts and providing an audit trail for security personnel.
  • Evidence Tampering Prevention: Tamper evident seals on evidence bags used by law enforcement agencies prevent tampering with collected evidence. These seals break upon removal, leaving a visible indication and ensuring the integrity of evidence in court proceedings.
  • Medical Records Management: Tamper evident seals secure envelopes containing sensitive patient records, adding a crucial layer of security and deterring unauthorized access to confidential medical information.
  • Document Security: These solutions can be used to secure important documents such as contracts, certificates, legal documents, and warranty seals, ensuring their authenticity and preventing unauthorized alterations.
  • High-Value Asset Security: Tamper evident tapes can be used to secure doors, cabinets, and other access points to high-value assets, deterring theft attempts and providing clear evidence of unauthorized access.


TamperTech: Your Partner in Security Solutions

TamperTech stands out as a leading manufacturer of tamper evident tapes and labels, offering a comprehensive range of customizable tamper evident solutions to cater to your specific needs.