Tamper Evident Tape Range

A box tape range designed to deter unauthorized access whilst protecting products, places and people.

Unique Solutions: Customise any tape evident tape you see.

  • Plastic Based Permanent Tape: Designed to protect your goods, in all conditions. Providing you with ultimate strength, and instant bond and unique protection. Add unique numbering, sub-surface barcodes and QR codes plus customise the void message for a unique product.
  • Paper-Based Permanent Tape: Designed for when you need to match materials or remove plastic from the supply chain. Our paper tamper evident tape is fully customisable, easily recyclable and made from FSC paper. Customise the security message and surface prints to make it unique.
Standard Tape Tampertech tamper evident permanent automated box tape showing open message left on a carton after opening
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Paper tamper evident tape Covert brown paper tamper evident security box tape in tape dispenser and on box
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Custom Tape OEM Tampertech Genuine Parts Tamper-Evident Box Tape - Voided Film on Removed Tape
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Pallet Security Tape
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Standard Tamper Evident Tape Range: Get secured quickly – Ready for next day dispatch.

This is your go-to tape for quick turnaround tamper evident sealing. It offers a strong adhesive bond, discouraging tampering attempts and leaving a clear “VOID” or “Tampered” message upon removal, providing immediate evidence of breaches. Choose from our stock range.


  • Versatile and reliable for various applications
  • Strong adhesive for secure sealing
  • Clear evidence of tampering attempts


  • Packaging seals for various products
  • Security for envelopes and bags
  • Warranty seals for electronics and appliances
  • Asset tracking and inventory control

Paper Security Tape: Eco-Friendly Tamper Evidence

This tape is ideal for applications where sustainability is a priority. Made from paper, it integrates seamlessly with cardboard packaging for easy recycling, all while maintaining clear tamper-evident properties.


  • Environmentally friendly choice
  • Cost-effective
  • Maintains tamper-evident security


  • Boxes!
  • E-commerce shipments
  • Documents and legal certificates
  • Inventory control labels
  • Warranty seals for lower-value goods
  • Pharmaceutical packaging

Customized Security Tape: Your Brand, Your Security

We understand that security needs can be unique and true brand protection needs custom security. With our customizable tapes, you can raise your brand protection game. Personalize them with your company logo, branding elements, and specific security features like:

  • UV inks for added security verification
  • Unique barcoding and/or QR codes
  • Sub-surface numbering for unique identification
  • Thermochromic indicators for heat tampering detection


  • Customized security solution tailored to your brand
  • Enhanced security with layered features
  • Increased brand recognition and protection


  • High value product packaging
  • Pharmaceuticals and sensitive materials
  • Brand protection and anti-counterfeiting

Pallet Security Tape: Heavy Duty Protection for Large Shipments

For securing large shipments on pallets, our heavy duty pallet security tape is the answer. This tape provides superior strength and adhesion, deterring tampering attempts and leaving a clear “Pallet Opened” message if tampered. Additionally, some options offer features like:

  • Sequential numbering for tracking purposes
  • High visibility colors for easy tamper detection


  • Instant adhesion for securing pallets
  • Clear evidence of tampering attempts
  • Tracking and identification options
  • Easy and quick to apply


  • Securing palletized products during transport
  • Warehouse inventory control
  • High value product shipments

TamperTech offers a broad Tamper Evident Tape Range, ensuring authentic security solutions for a huge range of applications.

Throughout a product’s journey, from manufacturing and storage to transport and reaching the end consumer, there’s always a risk of tampering and this risk is growing. This can have severe consequences, including:

  • Product Contamination: Tampering can ruin a product’s integrity, leading to contamination and potential harm to consumers.
  • Financial Losses: Theft of valuable products or counterfeiting can significantly impact a company’s finances. From replacing stolen goods through to loss of business.
  • Brand Damage: News of tampering incidents can destroy consumer trust and damage a brand’s reputation, meaning they start buying elsewhere.

Tamper-evident tapes act as a safety blanket against these threats. These security tapes leave clear and irreversible evidence if tampered with, alerting users to potential security breach or attack. This not only discourages tampering attempts but also provides a vital audit trail for investigations.

TamperTech: Unique Security Tape

At TamperTech, we understand the importance of safeguarding your valuables with the right security measures. That’s why we offer a comprehensive tamper evident tape range to cater to your specific needs.

The TamperTech Advantage: More Than Just Tape

Beyond our diverse tape selection, TamperTech offers several key advantages:

  • High Quality Materials: We use top quality materials and advanced printing techniques for long-lasting, reliable tape performance.
  • Technical Support: Our team is here to help you choose the right tape solution for your application and answer any technical questions.

Peace of Mind with TamperTech:

Protect your assets, brand, and reputation with TamperTech’s tamper evident tapes. Contact us today to discuss your specific security needs and find the perfect solution for your application.