Custom Tamper Evident Tape Range

Discover the possibilities for your customised tamper evident security tape to meet your exact needs. Protect and Promote your Brand, whilst driving down shrinkage losses.

Whether you want a stand out (overt) security tape or a subtle (covert) packaging option, we can help. From paper security tape through to plastic tamper evidence, you can choose from the base material and carefully select what you need and want on each layer to solve any shrinkage problems.

Build your custom tamper evident tape:

  • Paper or Filmic base

  • Width (27mm to 200mm)

  • Length (27M to 900M)

  • Main Colour

  • Surface or Sub-Surface prints (up to 3)

  • Custom security void message

  • QR codes / Barcodes

  • Sub-Surface numbering

  • Perforations

  • Extra features i.e. UV, Security Cuts or Thermochromic etc.

Custom Tamper evident tape is here to protect your brand and stop losses from theft or counterfeit, as well at promote your company and brand in a positive light, to show customers and consumers that you take their health, well-being and spent money seriously – from ensuring they get the genuine product through to stopping theft in the supply chain affecting profits. Custom tamper evident tape will put a stop to shrinkage challenges of any kind.

In today’s world, protecting your valuables and ensuring the integrity of your products is more important than ever. Tamper Technologies’ manufacturing your unique tamper evident tape offers a powerful solution to deter tampering and provide clear evidence of any attempt to breach security.

Here’s why you need Tamper Technologies’ tamper evident tape:

  • Unmatched Security: Our innovative tape utilizes advanced features that go beyond basic “void” messages. Imagine a combination of hidden graphics, custom text, and unique security elements that make it virtually impossible to tamper with undetected.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing your products are sealed with Tamper Technologies’ tape gives you peace of mind. It deters theft and pilfering, while providing a clear deterrent effect to anyone considering tampering.
  • Enhanced Brand Image: Our customizable tape solutions can incorporate your branding, adding a layer of professionalism and showcasing your commitment to security.
  • Versatility: Tamper Technologies’ tape solutions are designed for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re sealing documents, packages, electronics, or any other sensitive item, we have the perfect tamper evident tape for your needs.
  • Tamperproof Evidence: If a security breach does occur, our tape leaves clear and undeniable evidence of tampering, aiding investigations and potentially strengthening legal cases.

Tamper Technologies doesn’t just offer tamper evident tape, we offer peace of mind and a powerful security advantage.

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Surface Printed Box Tape

Our surface printed box tape option affords immediate visibility for your brand. Imprinted with your message, it ensures your branding is the first thing customers see upon package delivery. The resilient surface print maintains its integrity and vibrancy, even through rigorous shipping conditions.

Subsurface Printed Box Tape

For heightened security, our subsurface printed tapes are exemplary in comparison to our competitors’. By printing beneath the top layer, we offer a safeguard against wear, tampering, and the elements. This is ideal for sensitive shipments, ensuring that your package arrives intact, with any interference immediately apparent.

Coloured Box Tape

Align your packaging with your corporate colour scheme through our coloured box tape options. Whether organising shipments or reinforcing brand recognition, our spectrum of hues is at your disposal, crafted to stand out and adhere with lasting strength.

Tailored Length Box Tape

Tailor the length of your tape rolls to align with your operational needs. Whether your processes are manual or automated, our custom-length tape rolls aim to optimise your packaging efficiency, reducing waste and saving time.

Variable Width Box Tape

Our box tape is available in multiple widths, allowing you to select the most suitable option for your parcels. From slender tapes for lightweight packages to broader bands for enhanced security and branding space, we cater to your packaging size requirements with unwavering adhesion.

Tamper-Evident ‘Void’ Box Tape

Protect your goods with our tamper-evident ‘void’ tapes. If tampered with, the tape leaves a residue or text message on the box, acting as a deterrent against theft and alerting to any unauthorised access, maintaining the integrity of your shipment.

Sequentially Numbered Box Tape

Incorporate an added level of traceability with our sequentially numbered box tapes. With unique numbering on each segment, tracking your shipments through the dispatch and receiving process becomes straightforward, playing a crucial role in inventory management and loss prevention.

QR / Barcode Box Tape

Embrace technological advancements with our QR and barcode-embedded tapes. These innovative tapes can be scanned to retrieve detailed information about the package’s contents, destination, or special handling instructions, facilitating efficient inventory management and enhancing customer engagement with accessible product data.

Our Assurance in Customisation

In any fast-paced commercial environment, packaging should be more than a container; it should be a statement of your brand’s commitment to quality and detail. Customisable box tape from Tamper Technologies is your solution for combining security with significant brand messaging.

Engage with Us for Superior Packaging Solutions

For those ready to enhance their packaging with customised box tape solutions, Tamper Technologies is poised to deliver. Our offerings are vast, our products robust, and our commitment to your brand’s packaging needs unwavering. Begin the journey to better branding and secure packaging by engaging with us today.