Tamper-evident labels are a critical component of hospital security, providing an essential layer of protection to ensure patient safety and data integrity. These labels act as a visible deterrent against unauthorized access and tampering, allowing healthcare professionals to quickly detect any breaches and take immediate action.

$ Million

Stolen Goods 

 Every hospital has on average $1.4 million worth of drugs, medical equipment and electronics stolen every year


Drugs Are Fake

10% of drugs in hospitals world wide are expected to be counterfeits that have entered the supply chain

$ Million

Spent On Security

On average every hospital spends  $1.2 million every year on security, from CCTV to security guards, which can be made more efficient with tamper evidence

$ million

Average Settlement 

It costs $5 million on average for cases involving faulty drugs within hospitals.

Healthcare safety labelling solutions

By using tamper-evident labels on medication vials, syringes, and IV bags, hospitals can prevent medication errors like mix-ups, substitutions, or tampering during storage, transportation, and administration. Tamper-evident labels on patient files and electronic devices physically deter unauthorized access attempts and alert staff to potential data breaches. This safeguards sensitive patient information like medical history, diagnoses, and treatment plans. Securing medical equipment with tamper-evident labels, such as infusion pumps, defibrillators, and anesthesia machines, ensures their proper calibration and functionality, preventing potential malfunctions that could compromise patient safety.

Studies have shown that tamper-evident labels can significantly reduce medication errors and data breaches in healthcare settings. For hospital administrators seeking to strengthen patient safety protocols and regulatory compliance, tamper-evident labels offer a cost-effective and reliable solution. With tamper-evident labels in place, your hospital stands firmly at the forefront of maintaining the highest standards of care and security.

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