Hospital Room Security Labels

Tamper evident hospital room security labels enhance hospital room security by providing visible evidence of unauthorised access or tampering, ensuring patient safety and privacy.

Tamper evident labels play a crucial role in hospital room security by offering a visible indication of any tampering or unauthorised entry.

This proactive measure ensures patient safety, protects sensitive information, and maintains a high level of privacy and trust within the healthcare environment.

Non Residue Labels

Non-residue tamper evident labels are designed to leave no adhesive residue or marks when removed, providing a clean and professional appearance.

These labels are commonly used in situations where residue-free removal is desired, such as on painted and metal surfaces. They offer the same tamper evident properties as permanent self adhesive labels, providing visible evidence of tampering or unauthorised access.

The non-residue feature ensures that when the label is removed, no sticky residue is left behind, maintaining the integrity of the labeled surface.

Non-residue tamper-evident labels provide both security and aesthetics, making them an ideal choice for aircraft cabin doors and emergency exits where cleanliness and visual appeal are crucial.

Image of a Tampertech tamper evident Door Secured secure label that has been voided, showing the void message
Image of a roll of green Tampertech tamper evident Door Secured non-residue label, 85mm x 25mm + 25mm x 10mm DNT, 1000 labels per roll.
Image of a roll of green Tampertech tamper evident Door Secured non-residue label applied to a door and door frame.
Image of a Tampertech tamper evident Door Secured label that has been removed, showing that it leaves no residue behind and has a void message in the label.

Traceability & Instant Security

Tamper evident hospital room security labels on doors offer significant time and cost savings in security checks, with much higher accuracy due to the instant additional layer of security they offer.

These labels provide a clear visual indication if tampering or unauthorised access has occurred, allowing security personnel to quickly identify potential security breaches.

By utilising tamper-evident labels, the need for extensive manual inspections of every room inside a hospital can be reduced, streamlining the security process and saving valuable time.

Moreover, the use of tamper evident labels minimises the risk of undetected tampering, thereby preventing costly security incidents and ensuring the safety and integrity of the aircraft.

Tamper-evident labels are widely used in the healthcare industry to enhance security and ensure the integrity of various areas and items. Labels are used to seal doors and emergency exits, providing a clear indication if unauthorised access has been attempted.


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