Non Residue Tamper Evident Labels

Non-Residue tamper evident labels leave no residue on the application surface and reveal a highly visible void message when removed. Also called no transfer security label or low residue.

From 1000 labels, you have complete choice of colour, size, print and labels per roll. 

The images below are to show some visuals and inspire choices, your label will be built for your application and artwork designed for that.

Custom non-residue tamper evident label options - examples of your choices

We want you to be confident in your choice and ensure you get the best solution for the job in hand. To help we’ve put to gather a very light guide, for more detail we are here every step of the way.

TamperTech manufactures the label laminate from film, adhesives, ink etc and then we keep it in master roll form ready to convert and print in one pass for your order. 

Surface – Consider the surface you’ll apply the label to. 

Colour – Choose a colour that contrasts with the application surface for high visibility. Bright, deep colours like red, blue, or green are popular.

Security Overtness – If overt security is desired, use bright colours. For a more discreet approach, consider clear or white labels with hidden security features.

Size – The size should be appropriate for the area you want to secure. with over 900 cutters in our stock, we probably have something for you… or you can fully customise.

Information Content –Consider any information you need to print on the label, like barcodes or text. Black surface print is free, so its a good way to add your logo and increase security.

Design – Choose a design with a clear “void” message appearing upon removal.

Security Level – Decide on the level of security needed. Simpler void messages work for basic applications, while complex security patterns offer higher protection.

Extra Features:

Environment – Choose a material suitable for the environment. Let us know and we can advise and sample.

Discover the endless possibilities of our highly customisable non residue labels to meet your exact needs here