Pallet Security Tamper Evident Tape

Tamper evident pallet security tape leaves a visible mark when it is tampered with, making it easy to identify if a pallet has been opened or tampered with. This deters theft and fraud, whilst helping to identify the source of tampering if it does occur.

Safeguard Your Supply Chain

Simply supplied in a ready to go format 1 roll per pallet – 30mm x 15M per roll.

  • Deterrence Against Theft: The presence of tamper-evident pallet tape acts as a powerful deterrent against theft and tampering, discouraging potential counterfeits and safeguarding your valuable products.

  • Streamlined Logistics: Each roll of tamper-evident pallet tape can come with a barcode and sequential numbering system. This facilitates efficient tracking and track throughout logistics operations, enhancing visibility and reducing errors, whilst adding to your authentic solution.

  • Efficiency in Audits and Inspections: The sequential numbering and barcode features simplify auditing and inspection processes. This expedites compliance checks, minimises disruptions, and ensures seamless regulatory adherence.

We take supply chain security to the next level with our tamper-evident pallet secure tape. With a clear and bold “Pallet Secured Security Tape Active” surface message, it ensures that your Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is crystal clear to everyone involved in the shipping process.

Secured in seconds, reduced losses overnight.


  • Prevents unauthorized access to pallet contents.
  • Indicates tampering attempts, providing a visual deterrent.



  • Allows for easy identification of tampered shipments.
  • Assists in tracking the movement of goods along the supply chain.



  • Protects pallet contents from tampering, theft, or contamination.
  • Ensures the integrity of goods during transportation and storage.



  • Helps meet regulatory requirements for secure transportation.
  • Demonstrates commitment to quality assurance and safety standards.



  • Stop the cost of losses by reduce theft and counterfeit.
  • May lower insurance premiums by enhancing security measures.



  • Enhances customer trust by ensuring the authenticity of products.
  • Protects brand image by preventing counterfeiting and fraud.



  • Options for customization such as branding or specific security features.
  • Can be tailored to fit various pallet sizes and packaging requirements.



  • Applies easily to pallets without requiring specialized equipment.
  • Does not interfere with regular pallet handling processes.
Designed to work instantly, our tamper evident pallet security tape, adheres within 1 second of application, to all types of pallet wrap materials. Providing your logistics team with a hassle-free and efficient application process. This unique solution is designed to protect brand identity, stop theft and counterfeit in the supply chain and speed up customs and clearance check process – to ensure a smooth transit every time.
 Get in touch today for samples and artwork and let’s get your pallets secured quickly, so you can see the benefits and savings. 1 roll = 1 pallet and thousands of £’s is protected.

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