OEM Packaging Security Solutions

Tamper evident tape plays a critical role in securing the OEM supply chain by fortifying the integrity of products and mitigating risks associated with tampering and counterfeiting. As an OEM manufacturer, implementing tamper evident tape at various stages of the supply chain enhances security measures and ensures that products remain uncompromised from production to end-user delivery.

$ Trillion


Counterfeiting in the OEM electronics and engineering sector alone is estimated to cost OEM’s $1.2 trillion each year



The global population is growing, and with it, the demand for new products. OEMs are constantly developing new products to meet this demand


Due to Counterfeits

Deaths and 1.5 million injuries were linked to defective counterfeit parts, WHO, In India 20% of all road acidents may be attributed to fake vehicle components. 


Customer Experience 

Businesses demand that supply chains enhance the customer experience as a component of their track and trace digital business strategy

Original Parts Packaging to Stop Counterfeit

The Tapes and Labels provide visible evidence of tampering, enabling swift detection of any unauthorised access or interference during transportation and storage. By preventing tampering attempts, OEMs can safeguard their brand reputation, protect consumer trust, and maintain compliance with safety and quality standards. 

Additionally, the tamper evident tape acts as a powerful deterrent against counterfeiting, reducing the likelihood of fake products infiltrating the market.

Ultimately, tamper-evident tape instills confidence in the OEM supply chain, assuring customers of receiving genuine, untampered products, and reinforcing the brand’s commitment to security and product authenticity.

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