Maintaining the integrity and safety of temperature-sensitive products during transportation is vital. Tamper-evident solutions offer a reliable way to enhance security and safeguard the cold chain, ensuring that perishable goods reach their destinations in pristine condition. Let’s explore the advantages of utilising tamper-evident tapes and labels in cold chain logistics.

Tamper-evident tapes and labels are specifically designed to provide a clear, visible indication if any unauthorised access or tampering occurs. If the seal is broken or manipulated, a visual marker, such as “VOID” or a distinctive pattern, appears on the tape or label. This immediate sign of tampering helps identify potential security breaches and ensures prompt actions to preserve the product’s quality and safety, Tamper Technologies tapes and labels provide instant security and effective at -50 degrees C.



3 out of every 10 shipments that require temperature control are not delivered at the correct temperature. This can lead to product spoilage, loss of revenue, and even health risks.



Is the average cost of a temperature-controlled shipment. This includes the cost of lost product, lost revenue, and the cost of recalls. Cold chain logistics is a complex and challenging process.



The World Customs Organization (WCO) estimates that around 10% of the global pharmaceutical market consists of counterfeit medications, posing risks to patient health and safety within cold chain logistics.

$ Trillion

Industry Size 

The global cold chain market is expected to reach $1.5 trillion by 2025.  The increasing demand for temperature-controlled products, such as food, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices is driving this.

Cold Chain Packaging Tamper Evident Solutions

Cold Chain Box Tape

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Labels for Insulated Polystyrene Boxes

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Cold Chain Pallet Tape

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How Cold Chain Tamper Evident Packaging Works

The cold chain logistics industry faces a unique challenge – ensuring the integrity and temperature sensitivity of products throughout their journey. Tampering, even if accidental, can have disastrous consequences, compromising product quality and safety. This is where TamperTech’s permanent tamper evident solutions step in, offering a robust line of defense for the cold chain.

Permanent Security for Perishable Products in Cold Chain Logistics:

TamperTech’s permanent tamper evident solutions, encompassing labels and tapes specifically designed for cold chain applications, prioritize leaving a clear and irreversible mark upon tampering. This permanent message acts as a powerful deterrent against unauthorized access and temperature manipulation. Unlike some solutions that leave a residue that can be reattached, TamperTech’s permanent options provide a clear indication of any breach, ensuring the recipient is immediately aware of a potential compromise.

This permanence is particularly important for products with strict temperature requirements, such as pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and fresh food items. Even minor temperature fluctuations can render these products ineffective or even harmful. TamperTech’s permanent solutions provide a tamper-evident record, allowing stakeholders to investigate potential breaches and take necessary actions, such as quarantining compromised products.

Material Matters: Cold Chain Packaging:

Cold chain environments can be harsh, with temperatures ranging from slightly chilled to sub-zero. TamperTech understands this and manufactures its permanent solutions with cold-resistant materials. The labels and tapes maintain their adhesive strength and tamper-evident properties even in freezing temperatures, ensuring they remain functional throughout the cold chain journey. This reliability is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the cold chain and protecting sensitive products.

Customised Cold Chain Packaging

TamperTech’s permanent solutions go beyond just a basic “void” message. They offer the ability to customize the tamper evident message with logos, sequential numbering, or QR codes. This customization provides several benefits:

  • Brand Recognition: Including a logo reinforces brand identity and deters tampering attempts, as tampering would directly damage the brand’s reputation.
  • Enhanced Traceability: Sequential numbering allows for individual tracking of packages, facilitating easier identification and investigation in case of a breach.
  • Data Integration: QR codes can be linked to detailed product information or temperature logs, providing a more comprehensive record of the cold chain journey.

Sustainability in Cold Chain Tamper Evident Solutions:

While permanent solutions prioritize security, TamperTech offers options with a focus on sustainability. Cold chain tapes and labels are made from recyclable materials, minimizing environmental impact without compromising functionality.

TamperTech’s permanent tamper evident solutions play a vital role in safeguarding the cold chain. Their permanent, cold-resistant materials, customization options, and focus on sustainability make them a valuable asset for businesses operating within this sensitive logistical environment. By providing a clear and irreversible record of tampering, TamperTech helps ensure the integrity of temperature-sensitive products and protects consumers from potential harm.

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