Cold Chain Logistics Tamper Evident Labels

Preserve the Integrity of Your Cold Chain with Tamper-Evident Labels and Sub-Surface QR Codes

Designed exclusively for the demanding requirements of the cold chain industry, these labels provide an unbeatable solution to safeguard your temperature-sensitive shipments.

As temperature-controlled logistics become increasingly vital for maintaining the quality and safety of perishable goods, our tamper-evident labels offer a seamless integration into your cold chain processes, ensuring maximum protection and compliance every step of the way. Cold chain logistics play a critical role in preserving the quality and safety of these perishable items, ensuring they reach consumers in optimal condition and reducing food waste and product spoilage.

Safeguard Your Supply Chain

Maintaining the integrity of temperature-sensitive products during transportation and storage is of paramount importance. Whether it’s pharmaceuticals, vaccines, perishable foods, or any other temperature-sensitive goods, the need for assurance and security is critical. This is where our Cold Chain Tamper-Evident Labels with Sub-Surface QR Codes come into play, providing the ideal solution to safeguard your products and ensure their journey through the cold chain is reliable and secure.

Enhanced Security: Protect your temperature-sensitive products from tampering and unauthorized access, ensuring product safety and quality.

Traceability: The sub-surface QR codes provide a traceable digital footprint for each product, making it easier to track and verify their journey through the cold chain.

Customisation: Overprinting capabilities offer the flexibility to tailor each label to your unique needs, enhancing product identification and logistics management.

Compliance: Our labels are designed to meet the strictest industry standards for cold chain security and quality assurance.

Image of a roll of blue Tampertech Cold Chain Secure Labels, 70mm x 30mm, on a roll of 500.
Image of a Tampertech Cold Chain Secure Label applied to an insulated box with frost on the label.
Cold Chain Tamper Evident Solutions
Image of a Tampertech Cold Chain Secure Label with Subsurface QR Code applied to a polystyrene box.

Power of Tamper-Evident Labels

What sets our Cold Chain Tamper-Evident Labels apart is the ability to overprint them with customised information. This feature allows you to personalise each label according to your specific needs, such as adding product details, destination information, or tracking numbers. It’s a powerful tool for enhancing your product traceability and ensuring you have complete control over your cold chain process.

Our Cold Chain Tamper-Evident Labels are equipped with sub-surface QR codes, adding an extra layer of security and traceability to your products. These codes are strategically placed beneath the label’s surface, making it impossible for them to be tampered with or removed without detection.

Tamper-evident labels are designed to reveal any unauthorised access, tampering, or breach of your cold chain shipments. These labels leave indisputable evidence when tampered with, providing you with peace of mind and assurance that your products have remained untouched during their transit.

Cold Chain Tamper-Evident Labels with Sub-Surface QR Codes are the key to safeguarding the integrity of your cold chain products. With these labels, you can trust that your products will remain secure and traceable throughout their journey, ensuring the safety and quality of your temperature-sensitive goods. Choose Tampertech for unrivalled cold chain security and peace of mind.

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