Evidence Integrity Bag Tape

Using tamper-evident bag tape on evidence bags provides assurance of integrity, as any tampering attempts become evident through visible indicators. It deters unauthorised access, ensuring the credibility of stored evidence.

Using tamper-evident bag tape on evidence bags offers a range of crucial benefits in maintaining the integrity and reliability of stored evidence. 

The specialised tape is designed with unique features that make it evident if any tampering or unauthorised access occurs. Once applied, the tape leaves visible marks or void patterns that cannot be resealed, serving as a strong deterrent against interference. 

This provides assurance that the evidence remains secure and uncontaminated throughout its handling and storage process. Additionally, the clear visual indicators of tampering ensure transparency and accountability in the chain of custody, bolstering the credibility of the evidence presented during legal proceedings. 

By enhancing the security of evidence bags, tamper-evident bag tape plays a vital role in upholding the standards of justice and fostering public trust in the integrity of investigations.

Permanent Bag Tape

Tamper-evident bag tape is a specialised security tape used to seal evidence bags and provide visible proof of tampering or unauthorised access. 

It plays a crucial role in safeguarding the integrity of collected and stored evidence. The tape’s unique features, such as security cuts, thermochromic and custom hidden messaging called void, make it impossible to remove without leaving clear signs of interference. 

This acts as a strong deterrent against tampering, ensuring that the evidence remains untainted and trustworthy during handling and storage.

By using tamper-evident bag tape, investigators and legal professionals can confidently maintain the chain of custody, ensuring the credibility of the evidence and upholding transparency and accountability in the justice system.

Duty Free Bag Tape
Bag Tape Levels Learn how to use tamper evident security bag tape with UV ink to demonstrate its authenticity and identify signs of tampering.
tamper Evident Bag Tape roll with Bag on top

Traceability & Instant Security

Tamper-evident bag tape, equipped with security cuts, thermochromic ink, and a custom void message, plays a crucial role in securing evidence bags and enhancing traceability. 

The security cuts make the tape resistant to tampering, leaving evident signs of any attempts to breach the seal. Thermochromic ink changes color when exposed to heat, providing an additional visual indicator of potential tampering. Moreover, the custom void message leaves a unique mark upon removal, discouraging unauthorised access. 

These combined features not only ensure the integrity of evidence but also add traceability, enabling investigators to detect any interference and maintain a reliable chain of custody. 

As a result, tamper-evident bag tape enhances the overall security and credibility of the evidence, bolstering transparency and confidence in the legal process.

Tamper-evident labels are widely used in evidence integrity to enhance security and ensure the integrity of various areas and items. providing a clear indication if unauthorised access has been attempted.


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