ATM Cassette Labels

By utilising tamper evident non-residue labels on ATM cassettes, financial institutions can increase security and deter potential criminals, ultimately contributing to a safer and more secure banking environment.

These labels enhance your security by providing a clear indication of any tampering attempts on the ATM cassette. If someone tries to remove or manipulate the label, it will break or show an irriversible change in the label with the hidden message, alerting ATM operators to potential security breaches.

The presence of tamper evident labels acts as a deterrent to individuals attempting to tamper with the ATM cassette. 

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Non Residue Removal

Non-residue labels ensure that no adhesive residue or marks are left behind when the label is removed.

This feature is crucial for maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of the ATM cassette and reduces the need for extensive cleaning after label removal.

Non residue tamper evident labels provide security by leaving no adhesive residue when removed, ensuring a clean surface.

These labels when removed leave a visible, irreversible change within the label when tampered with, signaling potential breaches. The absence of residue maintains product aesthetics and reduces post-removal cleaning efforts.

The labels act as a deterrent against unauthorised access, safeguarding against tampering and maintaining consumer trust in cassette integrity and safety.

Image of Tampertech red non-residue Cash Secure label applied to ATM cassette with sequential numbers and barcodes
mage of Tampertech non-residue Cash Secure label applied to ATM cassette demonstrating the removal and void.
Image of Tampertech non-residue Cash Secure label applied to ATM cassette demonstrating the security cuts when opened.=
Cash in Transit Image of non-residue Cash Secure label applied to ATM cassette demonstrating the void and the security cuts.

Quick Verification

ATM operators and security personnel can quickly verify the integrity of the ATM cassette by checking the tamper-evident label. This saves time during inspections and ensures the efficient monitoring of ATM security.

The use of tamper-evident non-residue labels demonstrates a commitment to security and compliance. Customers and stakeholders can trust that the ATM cassette is protected and that the financial institution is taking necessary measures to safeguard their assets.

Tamper evident non residue labels offer a cost effective way to enhance ATM security. They are easy to apply, require minimal maintenance, and provide an added layer of protection against tampering without incurring substantial costs.

The use of tamper-evident labels in CVIT operations helps protect against theft, fraud, and tampering, providing a robust security solution that enhances the safety and confidence of clients and stakeholders in the transport of valuable assets.


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