45mm Wide Coin Bag Tape

Tamper evident 45mm security tape for coin bags is an effective and practical solution to enhance cash security, prevent theft, and maintain the trust of stakeholders in cash handling processes. 

The 45mm wide tape is designed to show clear visible signs of tampering, making it immediately evident if someone attempts to open or tamper with the cash bag whilst be strong enough to cope with heavy coins.

The visible tamper evident feature acts as a deterrent to potential criminals, reducing the likelihood of theft or unauthorised access to the cash inside the bag.

Integrates with your Audit Trail

The security audit trail is created through a series of events: 

Application: The tape is initially applied to seal the item or container, indicating that it is intact and secure at the start of its journey. 

Transportation: As the item is transported or handled, the tamper evident tape serves as a security measure, reducing the risk of unauthorised access.

Inspection Points: At various inspection points along the journey, security personnel or recipients can verify the integrity of the tamper evident bag. If the tape shows signs of tampering or removal, it indicates potential security breaches.

Recordkeeping: Each time the cash bag is checked or verified, a record is created in the security audit trail. This includes the date, time, and location of the inspection, as well as any additional actions taken.

Final Destination: Upon reaching its final destination, the item’s integrity can be confirmed through the tamper evident tape. If the tape remains intact, it assures that the item has not been tampered with throughout the journey.

Tamper Evident Bag Tape Range Security Bag Tape with Security Cuts Showing Void Message from Tampertech
Bag Tape Learn how to use tamper evident security bag tape with thermochromic ink to demonstrate its authenticity and identify signs of tampering.
Tamper-Evident Tape for Security Bags from Tampertech

Easy to Apply

The permanent tamper evident security tape from Tampertech is easy to apply, ensuring a quick and efficient sealing process during cash bag preparation. The tape is 45mm wide to give extra strength to the bags as the cash is heavy.

Tamper-evident security tape is designed to be non-transferable, meaning any attempt to remove and reapply the tape will result in visible evidence of tampering.

This tamper evident tape uses thermochromic ink which once triggered will show a deep colour change within the tape but also marks the bag if the tape is removed. The non-transferable characteristic of tamper-evident security tape is a critical feature in maintaining the tape’s reliability as a security measure.

Ensuring that any attempts to bypass or compromise the tape’s function are immediately apparent, helping to safeguard against unauthorised access and enhancing the overall security of the protected items or containers, once it is applied and removed, it cannot be repositioned or reapplied without showing visible signs of tampering.

By incorporating tamper evident tape into security practices, organisations can establish a clear and verifiable security audit trail, This information can be invaluable in monitoring security protocols, identifying potential weaknesses, and maintaining a high level of confidence in the security measures employed 

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