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What is Tamper Evident Bag Tape?

Tamper evident bag tape is a specialized adhesive tape designed to deter tampering and provide clear evidence of any unauthorized access to a sealed bag. It works in the following way:

  • Unique Adhesive: The tape utilizes a special adhesive that leaves a visible message or pattern (“VOID” being the most common) on the bag’s surface when removed. This message cannot be easily removed or replicated, making it a clear indicator of tampering.


  • Enhanced Security Features: Some tapes offer additional security features beyond the basic “VOID” message. These can include:
    • Void Cold: Ensures the message appears even at low temperatures, offering wider protection.
    • Thermochromic: Reveals a hidden message or pattern when exposed to heat, deterring attempts to bypass the adhesive with tools like hairdryers.
    • Security Cuts: Pre-scored lines weaken the tape at specific points, causing it to tear irregularly if someone tries to remove it without breaking the seal.
    • Hidden UV Print: Invisible to the naked eye but reveals a logo, number, or other identifier under a UV light, providing covert security and authentication.
    • Water Fugitive Ink: Dissolves upon contact with water, indicating tampering attempts involving liquids.


Benefits of Tamper Evident Bag Tape:

  • Deters Tampering: The visible message discourages unauthorized access, acting as a visual deterrent.
  • Provides Tamper Evidence: A clear indication of tampering simplifies investigations and strengthens legal cases.
  • Enhances Security: Additional features like security cuts and hidden prints offer a multi-layered approach to safeguarding contents.
  • Improves Traceability: Customizable with sequential numbers or barcodes for efficient tracking.
  • Streamlines Audits: Simplifies audit processes by providing visual confirmation of secure handling.

The Need for Security Bag Tape Across Industries

Exploring how security bag tape plays a crucial role in safeguarding valuables and maintaining integrity across various industries:

1. Duty-Free Security Bags

Duty-free shopping offers travelers significant savings on luxury items like perfumes, alcohol, and tobacco. However, these often high-value products require robust security measures throughout the supply chain. Security bag tape comes into play by sealing tamper-evident bags used to package these goods. This ensures the items haven’t been tampered with during transportation or storage, protecting both the seller and the buyer.

The Challenge: In duty-free shops, the high value of the goods attracts potential theft or product substitution. Additionally, the international nature of the sales necessitates a tamper-evident solution that is readily understood across borders.

The Solution: Security bag tape with a clear “VOID” message, preferably in multiple languages, deters unauthorized access and provides immediate visual confirmation of product integrity.

2. Coin Security Bags

Financial institutions, armored car services, and retail businesses all rely on secure transport of coins. Security bag tape ensures the safekeeping of these valuable metals by sealing coin bags and providing a clear indication of tampering.

The Challenge: Coin bags are susceptible to physical tampering, with potential loss or substitution of coins. Additionally, ensuring chain of custody for evidence in case of discrepancies is crucial.

The Solution: Security bag tape with “VOID” and “Security Cuts” features offers a two-pronged approach. The “VOID” message alerts of tampering, while the security cuts make clean removal difficult, further deterring theft and facilitating identification of any discrepancies.

3. Evidence Integrity Security Bags

Law enforcement relies on a meticulous chain of custody for evidence collected during investigations. Security bag tape plays a critical role in safeguarding evidence integrity by sealing bags containing seized items like drugs, weapons, or forensic samples.

The Challenge: Tampering with evidence can jeopardize entire investigations. Maintaining a clear chain of custody is paramount, requiring a tamper-evident solution that is robust and reliable.

The Solution: Security bag tape with advanced features like “Void Cold” and “Thermochromic” offers a multi-layered approach. The “Void Cold” ensures the message appears even if the evidence is stored at cold temperatures, while “Thermochromic” helps detect attempts to bypass the adhesive using heat. This comprehensive protection safeguards the integrity of evidence throughout the legal process.

4. Pharmaceutical Security Bags

The pharmaceutical industry deals with life-saving medications that require strict temperature control and protection from contamination. Security bag tape plays a vital role in ensuring the safe delivery of these sensitive products.

The Challenge: Counterfeiting, temperature manipulation, and contamination pose significant threats in the pharmaceutical industry. Maintaining the integrity of the product during transport and storage is crucial.

The Solution: Security bag tape with features like “Hidden UV Print” and “Water Fugitive Ink” provides enhanced protection. Hidden UV prints allow for covert identification and authentication of the bag, while the water-fugitive ink dissolves upon contact with moisture, indicating potential tampering attempts involving liquids.

Additional Benefits of Security Bag Tape

Security bag tape offers more than just tamper detection. Here are some additional benefits:

  • Improved Traceability: Some tapes can be customized with sequential numbers or barcodes, facilitating efficient tracking and record-keeping.
  • Enhanced Brand Protection: Security bag tape with a company logo can deter counterfeiting and bolster brand integrity.
  • Streamlined Audits: Tamper-evident seals simplify audit processes by offering a clear visual confirmation of secure handling.