When Looking at the World of Tamper Evidence Our Credentials are Important for Your Peace of Mind! So What and Who Are They?

Chris Chiles – Managing Director

Our Credentials Chris Chiles General Manager Tampertech

Chris Chiles, Managing Director is the founder of TamperTech. An entrepreneur who started on his journey in tamper evident technology with hot melt, chemistry and printing experience prior to the founding of Tamper Technologies in 2002. With a keen eye for innovation and a relentless drive for excellence, he navigated the complexities of business ownership alongside his partner, ultimately acquiring full ownership in 2011.

Throughout the last 22 years of TamperTech, Chris has been the driving force behind the company’s growth and strategic planning. His leadership steered the organisation through various milestones, culminating in a pivotal transition in 2020 when he entrusted the day-to-day operations to Harriet, allowing him to focus on his true passion: product and process development.

In his current role, Chris serves as the cornerstone of TamperTech’s creative engine, leading the ideas and development of ground-breaking solutions. With over three decades of industry experience under his belt, he utilises his extensive knowledge to integrate cutting-edge advancements seamlessly into the fabric of each project.

Chris’s commitment to innovation and his ability to foresee industry trends, make him an invaluable asset to Tamper Technologies. His visionary approach not only shapes the company’s course but also sets new standards for excellence in the ever-evolving  technology, such as our recent developments in to Paper Tamper Evident Technology.


Harriet Chiles –
General Manager

Our Credentials Harriet Chiles Managing Director Tampertech

Harriet Chiles, General Manager at Tamper Technologies, with a passion for protecting and securing products, brands and people against counterfeiting, theft, and tampering. Harriet brings a wealth of experience and expertise to support companies with strategies and methods to reduce shrinkage throughout their organization, through security audits and tamper evident tape and label solutions.

Graduating with a First-Class BA (Hons) in Business Management, including a Sales and Marketing Undergraduate year at JCB, this paved the way for her career at Tamper Technologies. With 6 years at Tamper Technologies and counting (not including her younger years helping in production during school holidays), Harriet is well placed to support you in increasing packaging security.

From overseeing day-to-day operations to leading strategic initiatives, Harriet remains deeply committed to the pursuit of excellence in tamper evidence. Her unwavering enthusiasm for exploring new market opportunities and forging strategic partnerships has driven Tamper Technologies into new realms of success, ensuring its continued expansion into emerging markets.