Paper permanent label tamper evident, leave a void message on the application surface delivering an instant additional layer of security.

Tamper Technologies offers a unique line of tamper-evident labels constructed from paper with a permanent adhesive. This is to offer an alternative to the plastic base.

When someone attempts to remove the label, it leaves a visible residue behind along with a clear “void” security message. This serves as an instant indicator that tampering has occurred. This label solutions also integrate in to existing packaging lines wether on automated applicator or by hand.

Custom Permanent Tamper Evident Options

Paper permanent tamper evident labels are ideal for situations where a permanent and non-removable security seal is necessary. They find applications in sealing tamper-evident packaging, particularly for pharmaceuticals or electronics. Additionally, they can be used to secure important documents or pieces of evidence for legal purposes. Asset tracking and identification can also benefit from these labels’ permanent adhesion.

They don’t compromise on security, with the permanent adhesive and tamper-evident features acting as a deterrent against tampering attempts.

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