Permanent Tamper Evident Labels

Permanent tamper evident labels leave a permanent, total transfer message of your choice on the application surface and reveal a highly visible void message when removed or tampered.

From 1000 labels, you have complete choice of colour, size, print and labels per roll.

The images below are to show examples and inspire choices. Your labels will be built for your application and artwork designed for that.

How They Work:

These labels use special chemistry to bonds instantly to the applied surface. Upon removal, the label either self-destructs into small pieces or leaves a clear “void” message on the surface beneath, making it impossible to remove cleanly and reapply without detection. Importantly there is no stick left on either surface, called a ‘dry peel’ so no-one cannot attempt to re-apply the labels after opening or tampering.

Ideal Use Cases:

Permanent tamper evident labels are perfect for a wide range of applications where protecting product integrity is critical:

  • High-Value Products: Safeguard expensive electronics, pharmaceuticals, or luxury goods by deterring theft and ensuring the product hasn’t been tampered with during transit or storage.
  • Security Seals: Seal sensitive items like evidence bags, cash collection boxes, or shipping containers, providing a clear indication if anyone has attempted to access the contents.
  • Warranty Protection: Prevent unauthorized repairs or modifications to warrantied products by placing permanent tamper evident labels on critical components.
  • Asset Tracking: Securely label valuable equipment or inventory with permanent tamper evident labels to deter theft and track the movement of assets.

Importance in Stopping Shrinkage:

Shrinkage, caused by theft, pilfering, or product diversion, can significantly impact a company’s bottom line. Tamper Technologies’ permanent tamper evident labels play a crucial role in combating shrinkage by:

  • Deterring Theft: The visible tamper-evident features act as a strong deterrent to potential thieves, discouraging them from targeting sealed products.
  • Providing Evidence: If a breach occurs, the damaged label or “void” message serves as clear evidence of tampering, aiding investigations and potentially strengthening legal cases against theft.
  • Improving Traceability: Permanent labels with unique identifiers or barcodes can enhance traceability throughout the supply chain, helping identify and address shrinkage issues.

Permanent Tamper Evident - Examples

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