Tamper Evident Bag Tape Levels

TamperTech bag tape designed for use on all film types, protecting contents with obvious tamper evident messages

Tamper Technologies is a leading provider of security solutions, offering a comprehensive range of tamper evident security bag tapes designed to safeguard your valuables and deter tampering attempts. This document details their multi-level security bag tape offerings, ensuring you can choose the ideal level of protection for your specific needs.
Tamper evident bag tape levels ensure that you have the right bag tape security for each security bag and its industry and application. Utilising a special adhesive that leaves a visible message or pattern upon removal, creating a clear indication of tampering. This serves as a deterrent to unauthorized access and provides a tamper alert for businesses and individuals alike. TamperTech offers a variety of levels, each building upon the previous one to deliver enhanced security features.

Level 2: The Foundation of Security

  • Void and Void Cold: This is the base level of security bag tape. Upon removal, the tape reveals a clear “VOID” message on the bag surface, leaving no doubt of tampering. Additionally, “Void Cold” functionality ensures the message appears even at cold temperatures, offering a wider range of protection.

Level 3: Introducing Heat Detection

  • Void, Void Cold & Thermochromic: Building on Level 2, this level incorporates a thermochromic layer. This layer changes color when exposed to heat, revealing a hidden message or pattern in addition to the standard “VOID” message. This provides an extra layer of security, as it can detect attempts to bypass the adhesive using heat, such as with a hairdryer.

Level 4: Enhanced Security with Physical Barriers

  • Void, Void Cold & Thermochromic & Security Cuts: This level elevates security further by integrating security cuts into the tape itself. These pre-scored lines weaken the tape at specific points, causing it to tear irregularly if someone attempts to remove it without breaking the seal. This combined with the thermochromic layer and “VOID” message creates a strong deterrent and clear evidence of tampering.

Level 5: Adding Covert Protection

  • Void, Void Cold & Thermochromic & Security Cuts & Hidden UV Print: This level incorporates a hidden UV print into the tape design. This print is invisible to the naked eye but becomes visible under a UV light. Businesses can customize the UV print with logos, sequential numbers, or other unique identifiers, adding an additional layer of covert security and authentication.

Level 6: The Ultimate Tamper Evident Solution

  • Void, Void Cold & Thermochromic & Security Cuts & Hidden UV Print & Water Fugitive: This top-tier security bag tape offers the most comprehensive protection available from Tamper Technologies. It combines all the features of Level 5 with a water-fugitive ink layer. This ink layer dissolves upon contact with water, providing a clear indication of tampering attempts involving water or other liquids. This is particularly valuable for situations where moisture exposure might be a concern.

Tamper Evident Bag Tape Levels – Overview

TamperTech’s security bag tapes provide a reliable and effective way to safeguard your valuables and deter tampering attempts. With a range of security levels to choose from, you can select the perfect solution to meet your specific needs. By understanding the features and benefits of each level, you can ensure your valuables remain protected and any unauthorized access is readily identified.

Note: This information provides a general overview of Tamper Technologies’ security bag tape offerings. It is recommended to contact TamperTech directly for the latest product information, customization options, and pricing details.

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