Tamper Evident Tape to Secure Packages

Ensuring the security and integrity of your packages is critical. Tamper evident tape offers a simple yet powerful solution, to deter theft and stop counterfeit. Protecting your brand and customers from fakes whilst reducing losses quickly. 

Tamper evident secure package tape enhances packaging security by providing visible evidence of tampering, deterring theft, safeguarding product integrity, preventing unauthorised access and instilling trust in customers. Protects your brand and reduces losses.

Tamper evident tape range Blue Secure Package Tamper Evident Box Tape From Tampertech Showing Void Message

Your Benefits of Tamper Evident Tape:

  • Visible Tamper Indication: Our tape leaves a clear and undeniable mark upon removal, such as a “VOID” message or a customised pattern or message, providing immediate evidence of tampering.
  • Strong Adhesion: Package Secure tape adheres firmly to a variety of surfaces, including cardboard, plastic, and metal, creating a lasting seal that deters tampering.
  • Security Customization: We offer options for pre-printed messages, sequential numbering, and even custom logos for enhanced brand recognition and security.
  • Durable Construction: Our tapes are designed to withstand harsh conditions, including temperature fluctuations and moisture, ensuring their effectiveness throughout the shipping process.
  • Deters theft: Tamper-evident tape discourages criminals from tampering with packages since it leaves a clear sign of intrusion. This can significantly reduce product loss and the associated replacement costs.
  • Reduces product recalls: Tamper-evident tape helps ensure the integrity of your products during shipping. This can minimize the risk of contamination or tampering that might lead to costly product recalls.
  • Lowers insurance premiums: Businesses with a strong track record of secure shipping practices may qualify for lower insurance premiums. Tamper-evident tape demonstrates your commitment to security, potentially leading to savings.
  • Improves operational efficiency: By minimizing product loss and damage, tamper-evident tape can streamline your operations. You’ll spend less time dealing with claims, replacements, and investigations.

TamperTechs tamper evident tape is designed to provide a powerful solution for safeguarding your products during transit and storage. With its advanced features, including visible tamper indicators and irreversible adhesive properties, our tape ensures that your packages remain sealed and protected from unauthorised access.

Benefits of Using Package Secure Tamper Evident Tape:

  • Deters Theft and Pilferage: The visible tamper-evident feature discourages tampering attempts, protecting your valuable products.
  • Maintains Chain of Custody: A tamper-evident seal helps ensure that your products haven’t been tampered with during transportation or storage.
  • Increases Customer Confidence: Customers appreciate the extra layer of security and can be assured they’re receiving genuine, uncompromised products.
  • Reduces Security Costs: Package Secure tape is a cost-effective solution compared to more complex security measures.

Effortless Integration:

Package Secure Tamper Evident Tape integrates seamlessly into your existing packaging process. It functions flawlessly with most standard tape dispensers, requiring minimal adjustments to your workflow.

Here’s how easy it is to use:

  • Apply the tape securely to the closure of your box or container.
  • Smooth out any air bubbles for optimal adhesion.
  • For added security, press down firmly on the tape to ensure a strong bond.
Blue secure package tamper evident box tape leaves a visible "VOID" OPENED PACKAGE message when removed, making it easy to identify if a package has been tampered with. The tape also has a top film that peels off, leaving a tamper-evident residue behind.

Tamper-evident tape differs from standard automated packaging tape in several key ways. The primary distinction lies in its security features, designed to reveal any tampering attempts.

Tamper evident tape from Tampertech is available in film and paper options. The tape comes in 50.8mm x 50m as standard, but as the manufacturer these dimensions can be changed to suit your automated packing and sealing lines, From 27mm to 240mm wide, and 10M to 900M per roll.

Why use tamper evident packing tape?

  • Tamper-evident features act as a deterrent against unauthorised access or tampering, discouraging potential thieves or unauthorised personnel from attempting to breach the packaging. 
  • Visual Evidence: Tamper-evident packaging leaves visible signs, such as void message here with the OPENED ITEM, making it easy to identify any tampering attempts quickly. This helps maintain product integrity and ensures customers receive their products in the intended condition. The surface of the tape has no message so it does not attract attention and looks like a standard red packing tape.

Using tamper evident box tape tape on an automated packing line gives you additional benefits:

  • Compliance with regulations: In some industries, such as the pharmaceutical industry, it is required that packages be sealed with tamper evident tape. Using tamper evident packing tape can help to ensure compliance with these regulations.
  • Brand protection: Tamper evident packing tape can help to protect your brand by deterring counterfeiting and unauthorized distribution.
  • Customer confidence: Tamper evident packing tape can give customers peace of mind knowing that their packages are secure and that the contents have not been tampered with. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Automated packing line tamper-evident packaging tape makes a difference by deterring tampering, providing visible proof of integrity, and instilling trust in customers for safe and authentic products

Simple to use security solutions from Tamper Tech.

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