Evidence Pouch Secure Labels

Using tamper-evident labels for evidence pouches ensures enhanced security, chain of custody protection, and court-admissible evidence, deterring tampering attempts and maintaining credibility.


Using non-residue tamper-evident labels to secure evidence pouches is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the evidence. 

These labels leave no trace or adhesive residue when removed, ensuring that the evidence remains untainted and uncontaminated during handling and storage, but still reveal a hidden security message so they cannot be reapplied.

By eliminating any chance of tampering without damaging the label or the  contents of the pouch, these labels provide an added layer of trust and credibility to the chain of custody, ensuring that the evidence will hold up in court and strengthen the overall investigative process.

Non residue Labels

Using tamper-evident non-residue labels is crucial for securing evidence pouches because they provide a two-fold benefit in maintaining the integrity of the evidence and ensuring the chain of custody.

  1. Tamper-evident feature: Tamper-evident labels are designed to show clear signs of tampering or attempted access. Any attempt to open the pouch will cause the label to either break, reveal a hidden pattern, or display the word “VOID,” indicating potential tampering. This provides an immediate visual indicator if someone has tried to compromise the evidence.

  2. Non-residue feature: Unlike regular adhesive labels, non-residue labels do not leave any sticky or adhesive residue upon removal. This is vital in preserving the evidence’s original state, preventing any accidental contamination or interference with the contents inside the pouch. The absence of residue ensures that the evidence remains untouched and uncontaminated throughout its handling and storage.

By using tamper-evident non-residue labels, law enforcement and investigators can maintain a higher level of confidence in the chain of custody. These labels make it difficult for unauthorised individuals to tamper with or access the evidence unnoticed. As a result, the credibility and admissibility of the evidence are reinforced, making it more reliable and robust in legal proceedings.

mage of a roll of blue 100% paper tamper evident reusable Pouch Secure labels with consecutive numbers, 85mm x 25mm, 1000 per roll.
Image of Tampertech Blue 100% Paper Tamper Evident Pouch Secure Labels removed from a reusable pouch, showing the void message.
Image of a paper tamper evident reusable Pouch Secure label attached to a pouch over the zip.
Image of blue 100% paper tamper evident Pouch Secure labels applied and removed to a reusable pouch.

Traceability & Instant Security

Using tamper-evident non-residue labels for evidence pouch security offers several significant benefits:

  1. Tamper Detection: Tamper-evident labels provide a clear indication if someone attempts to tamper with the evidence pouch. When tampering occurs, the label will be visibly damaged or show signs of unauthorised access, alerting authorities to potential interference.

  2. Chain of Custody Integrity: Maintaining the chain of custody is critical in legal proceedings. Non-residue labels ensure that the evidence remains untouched and uncontaminated during transportation and storage, preserving its integrity and admissibility in court.

  3. Credibility in Court: The use of tamper-evident non-residue labels enhances the credibility of the evidence presented in court. Judges and juries can trust that the evidence has not been tampered with and that its condition is as it was when collected.

  4. Deterrent Effect: The presence of tamper-evident labels acts as a deterrent to potential unauthorised personnel who may consider tampering with the evidence pouch. Knowing that any tampering attempt will be evident can dissuade individuals from trying to interfere with the evidence.
  5. Easy Application and Removal: Tamper-evident non-residue labels are designed for easy application and removal without leaving any adhesive residue. This ensures a smooth process for law enforcement when sealing and opening evidence pouches.

Overall, tamper-evident non-residue labels play a vital role in maintaining the security, authenticity, and trustworthiness of evidence, safeguarding its reliability for investigations and court proceedings.

Tamper-evident labels are widely used in evidence integrity to enhance security and ensure the integrity of various areas and items. providing a clear indication if unauthorised access has been attempted.


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