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Enhances packaging security, quietly and instantly.

Tamper-evident secure packing tape provides visible evidence of tampering, deterring theft and safeguarding product integrity.

Tamper-evident secure packing tape prevents unauthorised access, instilling trust in customers and protecting your parcels.  

Tamper-evident secure package tape leaves a visible mark when it is tampered with, making it easy to identify if a package has been opened or tampered with. This can deter theft and fraud, and it can also help to identify the source of tampering if it does occur.

Tamper-evident quiet tape is designed to operate quietly, reducing noise pollution in the workplace. This is especially beneficial in settings such as warehouses, distribution centers, and retail stores.

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Tamper Evident Packaging Tape

This quiet tamper-evident secure package tape differs from normal packaging tape in several key ways. The primary distinction lies in its security features, designed to reveal any tampering attempts.

Tamper-evident tape seals packages like traditional tape, however, it also leaves a visible mark when tampered with, making it immediately evident that the package has been accessed.

  1. Tamper-evident features act as a deterrent against unauthorised access or tampering, discouraging potential thieves or unauthorised personnel from attempting to breach the packaging. 
  2. Visual Evidence: Tamper-evident packaging leaves visible signs, such as void message here with the OPENED, making it easy to identify any tampering attempts quickly. This helps maintain product integrity and ensures customers receive their products in the intended condition. The clear SECURITY TAPE message on the surface of the tape demonstrates the package is secure prior to removal.
  3. Brand Protection: Implementing tamper-evident packaging enhances brand reputation by demonstrating a commitment to product safety and customer satisfaction.
tamper evident secure packing tape from tamper evident secure packing tape from Tampertech being applied with a tape dispenser
Blue secure package tamper evident box tape leaves a visible "VOID" OPENED PACKAGE message when removed, making it easy to identify if a package has been tampered with. The tape also has a top film that peels off, leaving a tamper-evident residue behind.
Blue secure package tamper evident box tape from Tampertech
Tamper evident secure tape can be applied manually and automatically

Reduce Losses

Tamper evident secure package tape can be used to protect products in a variety of settings, including warehouses, retail stores, and shipping facilities. They provide a cost-efficient and impactful method to discourage theft and ensure your product’s protection.

  1. Loss Prevention: By preventing tampering, businesses can reduce losses due to theft or product substitution, preserving their inventory and financial assets. Secure Package tape can be used to protect products from both internal and external theft
  2. Consumer Trust: Tamper-evident packaging fosters trust among customers, assuring them of receiving authentic and untampered products.
  3. Product Liability Mitigation: Tamper-evident packaging can reduce the risk of product liability claims resulting from tampering incidents.
  4. Supply Chain Integrity: Ensuring tamper-evident packaging throughout the supply chain safeguards products from tampering at various stages of distribution.

This Secure Package tape is available from 27mm to 150mm widths and 15m to 900m roll length (width depending) which can be applied manually or with a tape dispenser.

Tamper-evident secure packaging tape makes a difference by deterring tampering, providing visible proof of integrity, and instilling trust in customers for safe and authentic products

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