Room Secure Labels

Secure everything from individual rooms to entire buildings with tamper-evident labels to deter tampering, maintain integrity, and ensure reliability in investigations.

Using tamper-evident non reside labels to secure rooms and buildings is essential for maintaining the integrity and credibility of critical evidence throughout an entire crime scene. 

These specialised labels act as a powerful deterrent against unauthorised access, tampering, or contamination at any crime scene 

By leaving visible and irreversible marks upon any attempts at interference, tamper-evident room secure labels provide a clear indication if any room has been compromised. 

This added layer of security instills confidence in investigators, legal professionals, and the justice system, ensuring that the evidence remains untainted and reliable for the duration of its collection all the way to storage. 

Embracing tamper-evident permanent labels is a crucial step in preserving the chain of custody and upholding the standards of justice.

Non residue Labels

Using non-residue tamper-evident labels for crime scene room security offers numerous advantages in preserving the integrity of critical evidence.

These labels are designed to leave no trace of adhesive or residue upon removal, ensuring that valuable forensic evidence remains undisturbed and uncontaminated.

By providing a clear indication of any tampering attempts, they act as a deterrent against unauthorised access and potential evidence tampering.
Law enforcement agencies and forensic teams can rely on these labels to maintain the chain of custody, bolstering the credibility and accuracy of their investigations.

Non-residue tamper-evident labels serve as an essential tool in securing crime scene rooms, guaranteeing the protection of crucial evidence, and maintaining the highest standards of forensic integrity.

Image of a roll of green Tampertech tamper evident Door Secured non-residue label, 85mm x 25mm + 25mm x 10mm DNT, 1000 labels per roll.
Image of a Tampertech tamper evident Door Secured secure label that has been voided, showing the void message
Image of a Tampertech tamper evident Door Secured label that has been removed, showing that it leaves no residue behind and has a void message in the label.
Image of a roll of green Tampertech tamper evident Door Secured non-residue label applied to a door and door frame.

Versatile Security Solution

These specialised labels are designed to leave visible and irreversible evidence of any tampering attempts or unauthorised access. By incorporating security cuts designed to break when the door to a room has been opened, or unique patterns and messaging, these labels make it extremely difficult for anyone to remove them without causing evident damage or leaving traces. 

As a result, tamper-evident labels act as a powerful deterrent against tampering, ensuring that any room you need sealed remains protected and uncontaminated throughout the investigative process. 

The clear visual indicators of any interference provide reassurance to investigators, legal professionals, and the justice system, facilitating the detection of potential tampering and preserving the chain of information. 

By enhancing the security of any room you need, non residue tamper-evident labels play a crucial role in upholding the standards of justice, building public trust in the investigative process, and ensuring the reliability and credibility of the evidence presented in court.

Tamper-evident labels are widely used in evidence integrity to enhance security and ensure the integrity of various areas and items. providing a clear indication if unauthorised access has been attempted.


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