Permanent Tamper Evident Box Tape 

Tamper evidence

Designed for the future

The supply chain of genuine parts requires levels of sophistication to protect products and packaging.

Tamper evident genuine part box tapes can deliver that protection for OEM’s with a clearly visual indication for fast verification and validation.

Using a layered approach with tamper evident tapes within your supply chain offers a robust security solution for safeguarding genuine parts.

With multiple layers of protection, they serve as a formidable deterrent against tampering and counterfeiting. The visible evidence of tampering is enhanced by leaving a distinct residue upon removal, making reapplication impossible and ensuring any unauthorised access is easily detectable.

Their design and features pose significant challenges to counterfeiters, providing enhanced brand protection and preserving revenue streams. 

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Secure Your Packaging

With our Genuine Parts Tamper Evident Box Tape, you can rest assured that your packages will arrive intact and undisturbed. Designed with cutting-edge technology, this tape is equipped with a special tamper-evident feature that provides clear and irrefutable evidence of any unauthorised access to your valuable contents.

Experience peace of mind knowing that your packages are protected against tampering, theft, and unwanted interference during transit. Our tamper evident box tape leaves behind unmistakable signs if someone tries to open or tamper with the package, making it a reliable deterrent against potential pilferage.

Trust in the authenticity of our Genuine Parts Tamper Evident Box Tape, crafted to safeguard your valuable items and maintain their integrity throughout their journey. Rest assured, your customers will appreciate the extra security measures you’ve taken to ensure the safety of their purchases.

Don’t compromise on security when it comes to your valuable shipments. Choose our Genuine Parts Tamper-Evident Box Tape – your seal of trust for secure packaging. 

Tampertech Genuine Parts Tamper-Evident Box Tape Roll - Trusted Security for Packages
Tampertech Genuine Parts Tamper-Evident Box Tape - Void Message on Removed Tape
Custom tamper evident tape Tampertech Genuine Parts tamper evident box tape applied to a cardboard box
Custom Tape OEM Tampertech Genuine Parts Tamper-Evident Box Tape - Voided Film on Removed Tape

Brand Protection

At Tampertech, we understand that Product Integrity is paramount. Our genuine product tamper-evident tape is designed to ensure the integrity of your valuable products throughout transportation and storage. With its visible deterrent against tampering and unauthorized access, you can trust that your items are well-protected from potential contamination or theft.

Brand Protection is a top concern for brands that invest heavily in product development and marketing. Our tamper-evident box tape plays a crucial role in safeguarding your brand’s reputation by assuring customers that they are receiving genuine and untampered products.

Compliance and Safety are non-negotiable our Tamper-Evident Box Tape helps brands adhere to safety and regulatory standards, ensuring that products are handled and transported securely and in full compliance with industry regulations.

Our tape enables you to confidently navigate the supply chain while upholding the highest standards of quality and security.

Tamper evident genuine parts OEM box tape enhances supply chain visibility by providing evidence of any tampering or mishandling during transportation. 

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