Tamper Evident Bag Tape Film Options

Tamper-evident security bag tape is designed to show clear and irreversible signs of tampering. If someone attempts to open the bag and then reseal it, the tape will display visible indicators such as a broken seal or a void message, making it evident that tampering has occurred.

Tamper-evident security bag tape from Tampertech provides enhanced security with an additional layer of security to bags. Helping manufacturers ensure that their bags remain sealed and tamper-proof throughout the supply chain, reducing the risk of theft or unauthorised access to the bag’s contents.

Tampertech’s security polyester film tamper-evident tape is easy to apply during the bag manufacturing process. It can be integrated seamlessly into bag production lines, minimising disruptions and additional manufacturing costs. As the manufacturer Tampertech are able to respond to your manufacturing process requirements.

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Layers of Security in Bag Tape

Layers is a key security strategy for tamper-evident bag tapes from TamperTech. This bag Tape is Level 5.

This tape is available 30mm wide x 1750 metres per roll, on 23 micron polyester face film in blue, with a 23 micron metallised liner, and a special hard adhesive and using layers of security by incorporating unique features such thermochromic patterns, security cuts and UV inks.

Tamper-evident security bag tape comes in various levels of security, each offering a different degree of protection against tampering and unauthorized access. The specific levels may vary by manufacturer, but here are some common categories or levels of security bag tape:

Level 1 – Basic Tamper-Evident Features: This level of security tape provides basic tamper-evident features such as a visible void message or a broken seal indicator. It’s suitable for applications where moderate security is required, but the primary goal is to provide a visual deterrent and evidence of tampering.

Level 2 – Intermediate Tamper-Evident Features: Level 2 security bag tape includes more advanced tamper-evident features. In addition to a visible void message, this level also Voids when frozen. This level offers improved protection against tampering especially in supply cold chain.

Bag Tape Levels Learn how to use tamper evident security bag tape with UV ink to demonstrate its authenticity and identify signs of tampering.
Bag Tape Learn how to use tamper evident security bag tape with thermochromic ink to demonstrate its authenticity and identify signs of tampering.
Tamper-Evident Tape for Security Bags from Tampertech

Level Up your Bag Tape Solutions

Level 3 – High-Security Tamper-Evident Features: Level 3 security bag tape is designed for applications requiring a high level of security. It often incorporates multiple tamper-evident mechanisms, such as advanced adhesive formulations, complex security patterns utilising thermochromic inks and more sophisticated void messages. It is typically more resistant to tampering attempts and provides a higher level of security assurance.

Level 4 – Advanced Security and Authentication: Level 4 security bag tape goes beyond basic tamper-evident features and may include advanced authentication technologies and security cuts. These technologies enable additional layers of security, making it more difficult for unauthorised access to occur undetected.

Level 5 – Ultra-High Security: Level 5 security bag tape is reserved for applications demanding the highest level of security, often in critical sectors like the transportation of valuable assets, confidential documents, or pharmaceuticals. These tapes incorporate cutting-edge tamper-evident technologies, including complex UV printing, holograms, and other security measures that are extremely challenging to replicate or tamper with.

Custom Solutions: Tampertech manufactures custom security bag tape solutions tailored to specific industry needs. These may involve a combination of security features from different levels to meet the unique requirements of a particular application.

Please note that the effectiveness of security bag tape depends not only on the level of security but also on proper application and handling. The choice of security tape level should be based on the specific security requirements and risks associated with the contents of the bags and the intended use.

Tamper-evident security bag tape provides bag manufacturers with a range of benefits, including improved security, customer confidence, and compliance with regulations.

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