Permanent Labels Any Size or Shape You Want

Tamper evident labels can come in an unlimited range of shapes and sizes, but how?

At TamperTech to ensure we can shape our labels consistency and accurately through the printing process so we use a “Die Plate” which effectively stamps out each label. The design of your label incorporates the most cost effective layout for production too.

This process for custom shapes or sizes can come at a one-off cost as a specialist die plate needs to be manufactured for you and then we are able to use that plate for as long as the die plates are within their lifespan.

TamperTech make labels as small as 25mm x 12mm up to as large as 220mm x 220mm and everything in between.

Shapes can be anything from a square, circle, rectangle, hexagon, oval, pentagon, parallelogram through to a star, semi-circle and dumbbell.

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