Paper Tamper Evident Tape

Permanent FSC paper tamper evident tape for boxes cartons and pallets, protecting packages through shipping and handling.

Go beyond the standard with paper tamper evident security tape. These advanced solutions offer unparalleled security for high-risk applications or situations demanding the utmost protection, whilst meeting environmental, customer driven requirement for paper based packaging.

Ideal Applications:

The paper tamper evident tape range is perfect for safeguarding high-value assets, sensitive documents, or products susceptible to counterfeiting that are packaged in paper/ board based materials.

Here are some ideal applications:

  • Pharmaceuticals: Ensuring the integrity of medications is crucial. These tapes provide tamper-evident security for pharmaceutical packaging.
  • High-Value Electronics: Protect expensive electronics from tampering during transport or retail display.
  • Financial Documents: Secure sensitive financial documents like checks or money orders with these advanced tamper evident tapes.
  • Luxury Goods: Combat counterfeiting and protect the authenticity of luxury brands’ products.

Unparalleled Peace of Mind:

When maximum security is paramount, Tamper Technologies’ unique paper tamper evident tapes offer unparalleled protection, to stop shrinkage and give peace of mind. They provide a robust defense against sophisticated tampering attempts, safeguarding your valuable assets and brand reputation.

Discover the endless possibilities of our highly customisable permanent paper box tape to meet your exact needs here