Tamper Shield - Put a stop to Wardrobing

This complete package of permanent tamper evident security labels and security film allows maximum flexibility of Tamper Shield it will fit any shape, size and fabric, and will not cause any damage to the garments protected. Tamper Technologies provide the film on a roll which can be cut to size alongside a separate roll of tamper evident labels to be individually applied to the film, creating the Tamper Shield.

Tampertech TamperShield protecting clothing from wardrobing and returns fraud, demonstrating the tamper evident security labels and how they can be used to deter theft and protect retailers.
retail clothing tamper evident security Tampershield full void
Tamper Shield clothing and retail security protecting clothes whilst being tried on in a retail store and fighting returns fraud, demonstrating how tamper evident security labels can be used to deter theft and protect retailers.
Image of TamperShield clothing and retail security with roll of film and tamper evident labels set

TamperShield by TamperTech offers a comprehensive security solution designed to safeguard your products and elevate your brand protection strategies.

This versatile system goes beyond traditional labels, providing a robust and tamper-evident barrier for optimal security.

  • Unmatched Tamper Detection:

    TamperShield incorporates a printable film that is customised to the brand and a unique security label that leaves a clear and undeniable physical indication of tampering attempts. Whilst still allowing the garment/s to be tried on, but stopping the items to be worn and returned after use. 

  • Enhanced Durability and Protection:

    Tamper Shield is constructed from high-strength materials that resist tearing, puncturing, and other forms of physical manipulation. This ensures the security barrier remains intact throughout storage, transportation, and handling. The Tamper Shield cannot be removed without evidence of use or tamper, at which point the return is denied.

  • Versatility Across Applications:

    TamperShield adapts to a wide range of apparel from jeans and shorts to shirts and dresses – it is a one solution fits all for easy integration.

  • Streamlined Application:

    TamperShield offers a user-friendly application process that minimizes disruption to your workflow. This allows for efficient integration into your packaging line without sacrificing security.


Unlocking the Benefits of TamperShield:

TamperShield offers a multitude of advantages for businesses:

  • Reduced Risk of Counterfeiting:

    The robust security features deter tampering attempts and safeguard product authenticity.

  • Enhanced Brand Protection:

    Protect your brand reputation by ensuring the integrity of your products throughout the supply chain. Whilst putting a stop to wardrobing and fake returns after customers have used their garments and want refunds.

  • Increased Consumer Confidence:

    TamperShield’s clear tamper evident feature provides consumers with peace of mind regarding product safety and legitimacy.

  • Improved Operational Efficiency:

    The user-friendly application process minimizes downtime and integrates seamlessly with existing workflows.

TamperShield by TamperTech offers a powerful and versatile solution for businesses seeking to elevate their security measures. This innovative system provides unparalleled tamper detection in the world of apparel, enhanced durability, and streamlined application, ultimately safeguarding your products and protecting your brand.

Customers will be aware that the goods are genuine with a branded Tamper Shield. The Tamper Shield be customised and the messages can be in the language of your choice and the permanent security voiding labels can be in a variety of colours too, including gold and silver!

Returns will only be processed if the Tamper Shield hasn’t been removed and the void message in the label hasn’t been revealed. Ensuring the garments haven’t been worn prior to return as the overt film would be obvious to all around therefore allowing companies to refund customers without queries reducing customer complaints and improving the customer’s experience.

The application of a Tamper Shield increases customer confidence in the brand by obviously supporting anti-counterfeit activity and the labels and film are unique to Tamper Technologies and cannot be copied.