100% Paper Permanent Tamper Evident Products

Self-adhesive paper permanent tamper evident labels provide a 100% genuine tamper evident paper solution, with 0% plastic. Tampertechs tamper evident paper labels are fully customisable and leave a void message on the application surface delivering an instant additional layer of security.

Our tamper-evident paper labels deliver performance without sacrifice and perform very well on inconsistent surfaces.

These security labels leave a void message when removed. This message can be anything from a simple “VOID” to a more complex security feature, such as a graphic, logo, message, QR code, consecutive numbering, or barcodes.

The void message is highly visible, making it easy to see if the label has been tampered with. This can help to deter tampering and protect the contents of the package.

Benefits of Tampertechs Tamper Evident Paper Labels

  • Tamper evident: The void message on tamper evident paper labels is highly visible, making it easy to see if the label has been tampered with.
  • Resistant to tampering: Tamper evident paper labels are resistant to tampering, making them a valuable asset for businesses that needs to protect their products.
  • Sustainable: Tamper evident paper labels are made from paper, which is a sustainable material. They are also recyclable, which helps to reduce waste. Supporting business objectives to meet Sustainability Standards.

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Custom Permanent Tamper Evident Options

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