Permanent Finger Lift Labels

These two-part permanent, self-adhesive tamper evident security liner-less labels have dry edges, with no adhesive, designed to make it really easy for any users to remove them off the roll and apply onto the surface. 

This permanent tamper evident label is designed to adhere to various different surfaces taking into account surface factors such as surface energy, smoothness, cleanliness, shape, flexibility, heat etc. The pressure sensitive adhesive is stripe coated along the centre of the label to create good adhesion and be suitable for left and right hand application.

The tamper evident element of this two-part permanent finger lift label leaves a clear, visual message that displays it has been removed or tampered with.

Once the label or tape has been removed it cannot be re-applied as the part left of the surface is non tacky providing a dry peel and the part removed has a void message in it too, which means it cannot be reapplied even using external adhesive. 

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