Securing Your Vehicle Fleet 

 Tamper evidence

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In the challenging world of logistics, the security of your vehicles and vans is paramount.

Our innovative tamper-evident non-residue labels redefine fleet protection, ensuring the utmost integrity of your supply chain.

With cutting-edge technology that instantly detects breaches and unauthorised access, these labels act as a robust deterrent against theft and tampering.

Our custom-designed labels seamlessly integrate into your operations, leaving no residue upon removal, maintaining your fleet’s professional appearance. By choosing our solution, you demonstrate your unwavering commitment to secure logistics, furthering trust and transparency in every journey.

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Non Residue Security Labels

Here are some specific ways that tamper evident labels can help protect your vehicle fleet:

  • Advanced Security: Tamper-evident non-residue labels offer a proactive defence against unauthorised access and tampering, bolstering the security of your vehicle fleet and the goods within.


  • Instant Breach Detection: The labels provide a clear visual indicator if someone attempts to tamper with your vehicles, enabling swift action and minimising potential risks.


  • Residue-Free Solution: These labels adhere securely but leave no sticky residue upon removal, preserving the professional appearance of your fleet and reducing the need for clean-up.


  • Operational Streamlining: By quickly identifying tampering attempts, these labels streamline fleet management, leading to fewer disruptions and ensuring smoother logistics operations, saving time and money!
Red vehicle secure non-residue label from Tampertech applied to vehicle doors.
Red vehicle secure non-residue label from Tampertech voided after removal from vehicle, protecting your vehicle from theft and tampering.
Red vehicle secure non-residue label from Tampertech voided after removal from vehicle.
Roll of Tampertech red non-residue vehicle security labels, 100mm x 30mm with sequential numbers and signature panel, 1000 labels per roll.

Customise your Security Labels

  • Customisable Design for Enhanced Tracking: The flexibility of customising these labels with specific identifiers like serial numbers, barcodes, and branding adds value to fleet management. Fleet managers can implement these identifiers for streamlined tracking, enabling easy verification of vehicle authenticity, improving inventory management, and enhancing the traceability of transported goods.
  • Enhanced Trust and Reporting: Tamper-evident non-residue labels elevate the trust factor between fleet managers, clients, and partners. By demonstrating a commitment to secure transportation, you establish your reputation as a reliable provider. Moreover, the evidence provided by these labels can be incorporated into detailed reports for clients and partners, showcasing your dedication to transparency and accountability in every phase of the supply chain.

Incorporating tamper-evident non-residue labels into your fleet management strategy empowers you to oversee a secure and efficient operation. 

By incorporating these labels, fleet managers can increase security, streamline operations, and foster trust in the logistics industry. Providing a clear indication if unauthorised access, tampering has been attempted.


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