Permanent Paper Security Labels

Tamper evidence

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Tamper-evident labels are designed to show visible signs of tampering.

If someone attempts to open or tamper with the pill box, the label will break or leave a clear mark, indicating that the package has been compromised.

Tamper-evident labels are crucial for securing pharmaceutical pill boxes, ensuring the safety and integrity of the medication.

These labels verify the authenticity of pharmaceutical products. Patients and healthcare professionals can easily identify whether the pill box has been opened or tampered with, helping them trust the medication’s integrity.

Tamper-evident labels enhance consumer confidence in pharmaceutical products. Knowing that the medication has been sealed and monitored for tampering reassures patients and caregivers about the quality and safety of the medication

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Robust Tamper Evidence

These specialised permanent tamper-evident labels from Tampertech, measure 25mm x 12mm and come with an extra layer of security in the form of sequential numbering. This feature not only strengthens the reliability, traceability, and integrity of pharmaceuticals but also contributes to the sustainability of product packaging, as the labels are made from paper. These labels deliver:

Patient Safety: Tamper-evident labels provide a critical layer of safety for patients. They ensure that the medication has not been altered or contaminated, reducing the risk of patients unknowingly consuming compromised or adulterated drugs.

Compliance with Regulations: Many regulatory agencies and health authorities require pharmaceutical companies to use tamper-evident labels on medication packaging. Compliance with these regulations is essential to meet legal and quality standards.

Liability Reduction: The use of tamper-evident labels can reduce liability for pharmaceutical companies. If a tampering incident occurs, having clear evidence of tampering can help defend against legal claims and demonstrate due diligence in product safety.

Prevention of Counterfeiting: Tamper-evident labels can include additional security features such as holograms or QR codes, making it difficult for counterfeiters to replicate the packaging. This helps protect the brand and patients from counterfeit drugs.

Small Pill Box Paper Permanent Tamper Evident 25mm x 12mm, Roll of 1000 Labels for Pharmaceuticals with unique identifier numbering [Image]
Small Pill Box Paper Tamper-Evident Label - 25mm x 12mm, Applied with Unique Number for Pharmaceuticals
Voided Small Pill Box Paper Tamper-Evident Label - 25mm x 12mm for Pharmaceuticals
Image of Small Pill Box Paper permanent tamper evident label 25mm x 12mm, applied and removed showing the Void message for Pharmaceuticals

Prioritise Safety

Track and Trace: Serial numbers or barcodes on tamper-evident labels enable pharmaceutical companies to track and trace individual pill boxes. This can be valuable for quality control, recalls, and inventory management.

Supply Chain Security: Tamper-evident labels help maintain the security of pharmaceutical products throughout the supply chain. They ensure that medications remain intact and uncontaminated from manufacturing to distribution.

Evidence in Investigations: In case of suspected tampering, tamper-evident labels provide tangible evidence that can aid in investigations. This evidence can be used to identify the point in the supply chain where tampering occurred.

Brand Reputation: Protecting the integrity of pharmaceutical products with tamper-evident labels is essential for maintaining a positive brand reputation. Consumers are more likely to trust and remain loyal to brands that prioritise safety and quality.

Customisation: These labels can be customised with unique designs and branding elements, helping companies establish a distinct and recognisable presence in the market.

Tamper-evident paper pill box labels demonstrate our commitment to product integrity, patient safety, and environmental responsibility. We ensure the highest standards of security and eco-friendliness. Trust our labels to safeguard your pharmaceuticals while minimising the impact on the planet. 

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