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Tamper-evident security bag tape is designed to protect duty-free bags and their contents during transit and storage.

This instills trust in travelers, knowing their purchases are safe from tampering or theft.

Its advanced tamper evident features provide visible evidence of any tampering or unauthorised access, ensuring the bag’s contents remain secure. 

The tape also helps duty-free shops comply with safety regulations and demonstrates their commitment to customer safety. Easy application and residue-free removal make it convenient for airport staff and customers.

Customisable branding options allow duty-free shops to reinforce their identity and commitment to security. The tape serves as a deterrent to potential thieves, reducing the risk of theft and tampering incidents.

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Security Bag Tape

A tamper-evident security bag tape is a specialised adhesive tape designed to provide an added layer of security and protection for bags.

The tape is equipped with tamper-evident features that make any unauthorised access or tampering immediately visible.

When the tape is applied to the bag or package, it adheres securely to the surface, making it difficult to remove without leaving behind a clear indication of tampering. This can include messages like “VOID” or a distinctive pattern, providing an obvious visual alert to anyone attempting to breach the security seal. The tamper evident properties of the tape serve as a deterrent to potential thieves or dishonest handlers, as they know their actions will be detected, reducing the risk of theft or tampering incidents.

Tamper evident security bag tape is available in various sizes and strengths, making it suitable for different types of bags and packages. It is typically designed to be easy to apply, yet resistant to tampering attempts. Additionally, the tape is often customisable with logos or other branding elements, allowing businesses to reinforce their identity and commitment to security.

Tamper evident security tape with security cuts for protecting high value goods
themochromic tamper evident bag tape from Tampertech

Tamper Evident Features

Tampertechs tamper evident duty-free security bag tape incorporates many features including security cuts, UV and thermochromic ink, to provide enhanced security and protection.

UV ink remains invisible under normal lighting however becomes visible under UV or black light, offering discreet authentication during inspections. Thermochromic ink changes color with temperature variations, making any heat-based tampering evident. Security cuts create unique patterns that deter tape removal and reapplication, leaving visible evidence of tampering.

This combination ensures comprehensive protection against tampering and counterfeiting, building trust with customers and ensuring the security of duty-free contents during transit and storage.


Tamper evident security bag tape provides an effective and cost-efficient solution to protect the contents of bags, giving both businesses and customers peace of mind in knowing that their items are safe and secure

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