Securing Your Supply Chain with Tamper Evident Pallet Tape

Securing Your Supply Chain With Tamper Evident Pallet Tape

In the dynamic world of logistics, safeguarding goods from damage and theft is a paramount concern. Tamper evident pallet tape has emerged as a crucial tool for securing supply chain security, offering a range of benefits that protect products throughout their journey from origin to destination.

What is Tamper Evident Pallet Tape?

Tamper evident pallet tape is a specialised adhesive tape designed to provide visual evidence of tampering. This type of tape is resistant to tearing and highlights any removal attempt. When removed, the tape often reveals a hidden message or "void", indicating that the pallet has been opened or tampered with.

Key Benefits of Tamper Evident Pallet Tape

  1. Enhanced Security: Tamper evident pallet tape serves as a clear deterrent against unauthorised access to goods, minimising the risk of theft or pilferage. The visual evidence of tampering immediately alerts personnel to possible issues, enabling prompt investigation and corrective action.
  2. Improved Chain of Custody: Tamper evident pallet tape provides a reliable means of tracking and verifying the chain of custody of goods. Each roll of tape typically bears a unique serial number, allowing for accurate tracking of each pallet from origin to destination. This information is invaluable for identifying discrepancies, preventing product diversion, and ensuring product authenticity.
  3. Enhanced Brand Protection: Tamper evident pallet tape plays a role in safeguarding brand reputation by ensuring that products reach customers in their original, unaltered condition. This helps maintain customer trust and satisfaction.
  4. Simplified Inspection Procedures: Tamper evident pallet tape facilitates quick and easy inspection of pallets during transit and upon delivery. The visual tamper indicators allow inspectors to identify potential problems without having to unwrap or inspect each item. 

Applications of Tamper Evident Pallet Tape

Tamper evident pallet tape is widely used in various industries, including:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Electronics
  • Food and beverages
  • Automotive
  • Consumer goods
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing

Additional Tips for Using Tamper Evident Pallet Tape

  • Apply the tape securely around the entire pallet, ensuring that you use the entirety of a roll per pallet making identification as easy as possible.
  • Use a consistent taping pattern to make it easy to identify tampering.
  • Document the use of tamper evident pallet tape in your shipping procedures, through custom barcodes and number ranges.
  • Train your employees on how to properly apply and inspect tamper evident pallet tape.
Securing Your Supply Chain With Tamper Evident Pallet Tape

By securing your supply chain with tamper evident pallet tape

you can effectively safeguard your goods, streamline inspection procedures, and enhance brand protection throughout the supply chain. These tapes serve as a valuable tool for promoting supply chain integrity and minimising losses.

Close up image of Tampertech Pallet Secure Tamper Evident Security Tape applied, removed, demonstrating the tamper evident permanent void message left clearly on the pallet wrap with sequential number and matching barcode per roll, 30mm x 15m per roll.
Pallet Security Tamper Evident Tape cold chain supply chain Close up image of Tampertech Pallet Secure Tamper Evident Security Tape voided, demonstrating the same number and barcode are still visible.

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