Permanent Paper Tamper Evident Labels 

Tamper evidence

Designed for the future

Tamper evident labels provide visible assurance that parcels and packages remain untouched and unaltered throughout their journey through retail, distribution and e-commerce. 

This high level of fully customisable security not only enhances brand credibility, but also builds trust among customers by ensuring the safety and integrity of the contents.

The clear evidence provided by permanent paper tamper evident labels acts as a reliable indicator that the contents of each parcel or package have remained uncompromised throughout transit and storage.

This reinforces confidence in the brand’s commitment to delivering secure and high-quality products.

Tamper evident labels are designed for easy and effective application, simplifying the packaging process for manufacturers and ensuring a uniform seal on every parcel and package. Businesses involved in supplying parcels and packages should adopt tamper evident labels to enhance product security, build customer confidence, and comply with essential regulatory standards

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100% Permanent Paper Label

Environmental Benefits: This eco-conscious choice stems from its composition of paper, a renewable and biodegradable resource. By selecting a permanent paper tamper-evident label, you actively contribute to reducing plastic waste and lessening your ecological footprint.

As these labels degrade naturally over time, they align perfectly with circular economy principles, diminishing environmental impact and minimising landfill contributions.

Paper-based labels has a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to its plastic counterparts. By choosing paper tamper evident labels an eco-friendly option, businesses and consumers can actively participate in combating climate change.

Sustainability:  Permanent paper tamper evident labels are 100% made from paper, which is a sustainable material, which helps to reduce waste. 

Performance: This 100% paper tamper evident permanent label performs without compromise on inconsistent surfaces and is fully customisable!

Image of a roll of Secure Item permanent green paper tamper evident labels from Tampertech, 70mm x40mm, 1000 labels per roll
Removed Secure Item Permanent Green Tamper-Evident Label on Envelope - 'SECURITY OPENED' Void Message with a unique identifier sequential number
Paper Image of a Secure Item permanent green paper tamper evident label half removed from an envelope showing "SECURITY OPENED" void message
Secure Item Permanent Paper Tamper-Evident Label on Envelope - Tampertech Security Solutions

Eco-Friendly Tamper Evident

Security Enhancements: Incorporating a permanent paper tamper-evident label strengthens security protocols in various sectors.

The label’s unique adhesive properties ensure that once applied, any tampering or unauthorised access becomes evident through visible marks or irreversible damage to the label.

This enhances product integrity during storage and transit, instilling confidence among consumers that their purchases arrive in their original state.

Furthermore, these labels act as an effective deterrent against potential tampering attempts, safeguarding your products and brand reputation.

These green 70mm x 40mm permanent paper labels are packed in rolls of 1000 labels. The surface message is clear Sealed for Consumer Safety with the use of an icon and sequential numbers to support your track and trace systems to increase security. The sub surface message uses open security icons for instant recognition as well as SECURITY OPENED and cannot be reapplied once removed.

Brands can choose the size, shape and message to suit them as Tampertech can manufacture these labels to fully customise to meet requirements.

The void message on Tampertech’s tamper-evident paper labels is highly visible making it easy to see if the label has been tampered with. This deters tampering and protects the contents of the parcels and packages

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Embrace eco-friendly security with tamper-evident paper labels: sustainability and protection in one choice!

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