Pallet Secure Labels

Label Options:

Writeable area for Couriers name

Facility information, Bill of lading/manifest and number of pieces on the pallet

Overprinted with custom logo, alpha numeric text, barcodes, sequential numbers.

Target areas for RFID and temperature logger coverage.

Available in any colour.

Pallets in transit are vulnerable to theft and tampering. One tamper evident label can protect an entire pallet during shipping.

When applied before dispatch once a pallet has been wrapped and strapped, this permanent tamper evident label can be used as a easy visual inspection to ensure the pallet has not been tampered with, allowing officials to conduct a visual inspection of the label covering the pallet strapping showing the pallet has not been tampered with, making approval and shipping inspections easier more reliable and faster.

The individual details on the labels ensure they cannot be copied and used inappropriately.

Product as seen in on website is available for next day shipping.

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