Permanent Food Labels

These food labels offer a real tamper evident solution with a clear visual permanent message on the surface of the packaging applied too.

These labels are available on a liner or liner-less. The liner-less label solution is easy to apply, environmentally sustainable by reduces packaging waste by 100% per roll. By choosing liner-less labels increases roll capacity by 50%, which delivers extra advantages in the reduction of waste, shipping, carriage and storage costs!

Tamper Technologies have tried and tested food labels seals in various sizes, on many surfaces, the real deal label finger lift design is smart and easy to use. Delivering instant security on outer packaging for food on the move. Additional branding opportunities on the surface of the label and in the permanent hidden message can deliver additional value for the brands too.

These permanent food labels are available with a finger lift option too to help restaurant employees to remove the labels quickly from the roll and apply them easily to the packaging, without them getting glue on their fingers or labels stuck to each other. Preventing waste and increasing speed of customer service.

If this size, colour or message doesn’t fit your requirement then contact to discuss what your business needs.

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