Permanent Labels – 25mm x 12mm Black

Permanent Labels

Colour: Black

Size: 25mm x 12mm

Direction: Wide Edge Leading – WEL

Void Message:  Custom Pattern

Permanent, self-adhesive security labels are pressure sensitive and very easy to apply to a number of surfaces from metals, plastics, glass, painted, fabric, crates and veneers.

These tamper evident labels add a new layer of security instantly and can be overprinted by TamperTech with bar codes, QR codes, words, sequential numbers and one colour logos.

TamperTech’s self-adhesive security labels reveal a hidden void message when removed.

Permanent security labels leave a permanent visible mark on the surface applied to and cannot be replaced once removed.

Permanent labels provide highly visible protection to packaging, places and products from tampering, unauthorised opening and counterfeiting.

These labels can also by referred to as permanent labels and security seals

If this size, colour or message doesn’t fit your requirement then contact to discuss what your business needs.

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Black Permanent 25mm x 12mm Labels

Stop Tampering in its Tracks – Unmatched Security with TamperTech’s Permanent Labels.

Worried about product counterfeiting or damaged goods from tampering?

TamperTech’s Permanent Labels provide an uncompromising solution for securing your products and ensuring the permanence of vital information.

  • Unmatched Adhesion: Our strong adhesive formula withstands extensive handling, extreme temperatures, moisture, and abrasion. This ensures permanent attachment, preventing tampering and guaranteeing information access.


  • Enhanced Security: Removal attempts damage or destroy the label, deterring counterfeiting and safeguarding product integrity.


  • Long-Lasting Performance: The labels maintain clarity and adhesion over extended periods, ensuring vital information remains readable throughout your product’s lifespan.


  • Simplify Inventory Tracking: Gain real-time tracking and identification capabilities with permanently affixed labels.


  • Reduce Counterfeiting Risk: Discourage tampering attempts and protect your brand with a permanent security measure.


Unlock a World of Benefits: Investing in TamperTech’s Permanent Labels opens doors to a multitude of advantages:

  • Streamlined Inventory Management: Gain real-time tracking and identification capabilities with permanently affixed labels, simplifying stock control and optimizing your inventory management processes.


  • Enhanced Durability: Withstand harsh conditions and ensure long-lasting legibility of information, even in demanding environments.


  • Reduced Risk of Counterfeiting: Discourage tampering attempts and protect your brand with a permanent security measure, minimizing the risk of counterfeiting and protecting your brand value.


  • Improved Traceability: Maintain a clear audit trail for products with permanently affixed identification labels. This can be invaluable for product recalls, warranty claims, or investigations into potential tampering incidents.