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Discover tamper-evident vial dumbbell labels, ensuring product integrity. Designed for vials, these labels feature a unique shape, leaving no room for tampering. 

Safeguard your sensitive products with visible evidence of tampering.

Designed specifically for vials, these labels feature a unique dumbbell shape that securely wraps around the container, leaving no room for tampering attempts. With their visible evidence of tampering, such as frangible materials or void messages upon removal

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Easy to Apply

Experience the seamless application and integration of tamper-evident dumbbell labels onto vials. Our user-friendly design makes it incredibly easy to apply these labels to your vials, ensuring a hassle-free process. Simply peel and stick the label around the vial, and its dumbbell shape perfectly conforms to the container, leaving no room for tampering.

The pressure sensitive adhesive provides a secure bond, ensuring long-lasting protection. Whether you have small-scale operations or high-volume production, our tamper-evident dumbbell labels effortlessly integrate into your existing packaging processes. 

Enhance vial security with a quick and efficient application that saves you time and effort while keeping your products secure.

Tampertech Vial Secure permanent tamper evident dumbbell label on roll product shot
Voided Vial Secure Label with Void Message from Tamper Technologies

Permanent Message

Discover the remarkable benefits of permanent irreversible void messages for enhanced vial security. With their cutting-edge technology, these labels provide an unparalleled level of tamper-evident protection.

Once removed, the void message irreversibly appears, indicating any tampering attempts. This visible evidence acts as a powerful deterrent, ensuring the integrity of vials containing sensitive substances. From pharmaceuticals to forensic samples, these labels offer peace of mind and safeguard against unauthorised access.

Boost customer trust, comply with regulatory standards, and mitigate the risks of tampering with our range of permanent irreversible void message labels. Elevate your vial security today and protect what matters most.

Discover the game-changing benefits of tamper-evident labels for vials. Safeguard your products with visible evidence of tampering, boost customer trust, and comply with regulatory standards. 


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