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Tamper-evident labels seeking reusable bags for in store collection enhance security, deter theft, and maintain customer trust, safeguarding valuable contents during transportation and storage.

Discover the peace of mind that comes with using tamper-evident labels to secure your reusable shipping pouches. These labels provide a visible deterrent against theft and unauthorised access, ensuring the integrity of valuable contents during transportation and storage.

With tamper-evident technology, you can maintain customer trust, streamline inventory management, and safeguard your goods throughout the supply chain. Protect your products with confidence and showcase your commitment to top-notch security and customer satisfaction.

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Instant Security

Tamper evident labels are user-friendly, simplifying the sealing and unsealing process for operators. The application is quick and straightforward, the dry adhesive ensures easy and clean removal whist activating a hidden security without leaving sticky residue on packaging or containers without leaving a permanent message damaging the surface of the shipping pouch.

The clear visual indication that the pouch has not been opened or tampered with is important for ensuring the integrity of the retail supply chain, as any unauthorised opening of the pouch could allow genuine goods to be stolen and even counterfeits to be put in place…

If a thief knows that the pouch is sealed with tamper evident label, they are less likely to try to open it, as they know that their tampering will be detected.

In addition, tamper evident pouch labels can be used to track the movement of products through the retail supply chain. By marking the labels with a unique serial number, businesses can track where the product has been and who has had access to it. This can be helpful in the event of a product recall or other incident.

Image of Tampertechs Instore Ready For Collection Hybrid Tamper Evident Paper Label with Writeable Signature Panel, 100mm x 200mm, 1000 per Roll
Image of paper Hybrid tamper evident label applied to reusable pouch for in store collection showing the initial "OPENED OPENED" void message

Customisable Solutions

Tamper evident pouch labels provide flexibility to suit specific supply chain requirements. Customisable features, such as unique printing, color coding, and serialization, enhance security and enable easy identification of products at different stages of the supply chain.

Retail supply chain logistics often involve using tamper-evident tape and labels to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements. During audits, the presence of tamper-evident box tape demonstrates a commitment to product integrity and protect brand image and reputation.


Tamper-evident labels play a crucial role in retail by protecting against unauthorised access and tampering. These labels provide clear visible evidence of any breach, ensuring integrity and safety, mitigating risks, and safeguarding against potential counterfeits  within the retail supply chain.


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