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Tamper evidence

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Cold Chain Supply requires levels of sophistication and stability to protect assets and valuables. 

Tamper evident box tapes can deliver that protection with a clearly visual indication for fast verification and validation.

Tamper evident box tape is crucial within the temperature-controlled supply chain as it provides visible proof of tampering, ensuring the integrity and safety of temperature-sensitive products.

It helps prevent contamination, unauthorised access, or pilferage, thereby maintaining product quality during transit. With its reliable tamper-evident properties, the tape instills confidence in customers and regulators, ensuring compliance with industry standards. Easy to apply, this tape offers efficient security, bolstering the cold chain’s reliability and protecting valuable cargo throughout its journey .

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Instant Security

Tamper evident tapes are user-friendly, simplifying the sealing and unsealing process for operators. The application is quick and straightforward, the dry adhesive ensures easy and clean removal without leaving sticky residue on packaging or containers whilst still leaving a permanent message on the surface of the packaging.

The clear visual indication that the box has not been opened or tampered with is important for ensuring the integrity of the cold chain, as any unauthorised opening of the box could allow the product to be exposed to non-controlled temperatures.

Tamper evident box tape is also a cost-effective way to deter tampering. If a thief knows that the box is sealed with tamper evident tape, they are less likely to try to open it, as they know that their tampering will be detected.

In addition, tamper evident box tape can be used to track the movement of products through the cold chain. By marking the tape with a unique serial number, businesses can track where the product has been and who has had access to it. This can be helpful in the event of a product recall or other incident.

Tampertech Secure Package blue tamper evident box tape applied to a cardboard box
Blue secure package tamper evident box tape from Tampertech
Blue Secure Package Tamper Evident Box Tape From Tampertech Showing Void Message
Blue secure package tamper evident box tape leaves a visible "VOID" OPENED PACKAGE message when removed, making it easy to identify if a package has been tampered with. The tape also has a top film that peels off, leaving a tamper-evident residue behind.

Customisable Solutions

Cold chain tamper evident box tapes provide flexibility to suit specific cold chain requirements. Customisable features, such as unique printing, color coding, and serialization, enhance security and enable easy identification of products at different stages of the supply chain.

Cold chain logistics often involve highly regulated industries like pharmaceuticals, food, and healthcare. Using tamper-evident tape ensures compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements. During audits, the presence of tamper-evident box tape demonstrates a commitment to product integrity and adherence to safety protocols.

In the cold chain, maintaining the desired temperature and humidity levels is critical for preserving the integrity of perishable items. Tamper-evident tapes help protect against contamination, pilferage, or accidental opening, which could lead to temperature fluctuations, compromising product quality and safety.

Protect your valuable temperature-sensitive products with our tamper-evident box tape. Ensure the utmost integrity and safety during transit with visible proof of tampering. Prevent contamination, unauthorised access, and pilferage, maintaining product quality from start to finish.

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