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Tamper evident labels play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and integrity of lifejackets on aircraft.

These labels are commonly used on lifejacket storage compartments to provide visible evidence if tampering or unauthorised access has occurred

By incorporating tamper-evident labels, airlines can quickly identify whether a lifejacket has been removed, used, or compromised.

This helps in maintaining a fully stocked and functional inventory of lifejackets, ensuring passenger safety in emergency situations.

Tamperevident labels on lifejacket compartments are an essential security measure that airlines employ to prioritise the safety and well-being of their passengers during air travel.

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Security Cut Labels

Lifejacket tamper evident labels have security cuts within them to offer a clear and visible indication of tampering or unauthorised access. The cuts are designed to break or tear when someone attempts to remove or manipulate the label, immediately alerting to potential tampering.

When designing our lifejacket tamper evident labels, it was important to consider the ease of use for various individuals, including young children or frail individuals. While the labels need to provide effective tamper evidence, they also need to be designed in a way that takes into account accessibility and ease of removal for authorised individuals.

These labels help airline staff and passengers quickly identify if the life jackets have been removed, used, or tampered with. By using tamper evident labels on the under-seat compartments, airlines can enhance safety protocols, maintain the integrity of emergency equipment, and ensure the availability of life-saving devices in case of an evacuation or water landing situation

These labels are non residue and have a heavy glue weight to ensure good adhesion to the life jacket pouch or under seat compartment.

Tamper-Evident Life Vest Pouch Label Voided Showing Security Cuts
Opened and Voided Tamper-Evident Life Vest Secure Label from Tampertech
Tamper-Evident Life Vest Pouch Label with UV Ink for fast Security Checks

Ultra Violet Inks

The use of ultraviolet (UV) ink on the life jacket tamper-evident labels offers an additional layer of security and verification. UV ink is invisible under normal lighting conditions but becomes visible when exposed to ultraviolet light. Incorporating UV ink into tamper-evident labels allows for covert authentication and provides a means to identify genuine labels quickly.

The benefits of UV ink on tamper-evident labels include; counterfeit deterrence, UV ink is difficult to replicate, making it an effective deterrent against counterfeit labels. 

Enhanced security, UV ink adds an extra layer of security by providing a hidden, tamper-resistant feature that is only visible under UV light. This feature makes it easier for security personnel to identify genuine labels and detect tampering attempts.

Quick verification, UV ink markings can be easily and quickly verified using UV light sources, enabling rapid authentication in situations where time is critical, such as during security checks or inspections.

Customisable options including specific patterns, text, or symbols, allowing for brand-specific or unique identifiers to be incorporated into the labels. 

Tamper-evident labels are widely used in the airline industry to enhance security and ensure the integrity of various areas and items. Labels are used to seal cabin doors and emergency exits, providing a clear indication if unauthorised access has been attempted.


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