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Tamper evidence

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Introducing tamper-evident biosecurity and biosafety labels, a groundbreaking solution designed to bolster agricultural security, uphold integrity, and guarantee safety. 


By implementing tamper-evident labels, the agriculture industry can enhance its biosecurity measures, ensuring that products remain untampered with and safe throughout the supply chain.

Embracing this technology enables farmers, producers, and consumers alike to have greater confidence in the integrity and safety of agricultural products.

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Clear Indication

The main benefit of tamper-evident labels for biosecurity is their ability to provide a clear indication of tampering or unauthorised access. 

These labels are designed to leave visible evidence when someone attempts to tamper with it.

In the context of biosecurity, this feature is crucial in identifying and preventing any breaches or potential contamination of agricultural products.

By using tamper-evident labels, farmers and producers can quickly detect if a product has been compromised and take immediate action to mitigate risks, ensuring the integrity and safety of their biosecurity measures and protecting the well-being of consumers and the environment.

a roll of non residue tamper evident label with security cuts in
no transfer tamper evident label

Security Cuts

Security cuts are a valuable feature of tamper evident labels, offering distinct advantages in ensuring product integrity and safety. These cuts are strategically placed in the label material and are designed to break or tear when tampering is attempted.

By incorporating security cuts, any unauthorised access or tampering with the label becomes instantly visible, providing a clear indication that the area may have been compromised.

Security cuts in tamper-evident labels provide a reliable and effective means of safeguarding doors, windows, gates and other points of entry demonstrating commitment to biosecurity and thus biosafety.

Tamper-evident labels play a crucial role in biosecurity by protecting against unauthorised access and tampering. These labels provide clear visible evidence of any breach, ensuring integrity and safety, mitigating risks, and safeguarding against potential contamination within the agricultural supply chain.


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