Real Tamper Evidence Is An Integral Part Of The Supply Chain

Real Tamper Evidence Is An Integral Part Of The Supply Chain
February 25, 2021

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The increase in need, leads to growth in opportunities for tamper evident security

The role of “real” tamper evident security labels and box tapes is developing quickly, as an integral part of the supply chain in 2021 for B2B and B2C.

The growth in two major market sectors; food delivery and logistics has seen demand increase for practical, effective and technical security solutions to protect goods from interference on their journeys.

The food home delivery market has grown exponentially across fast food deliveries, meal subscription boxes as well as the increase in online supermarket shopping.  The innovative finger-lift labels being used by fast food restaurants for example, make life easier for the crew members in practice to apply, and the customers have increased confidence in the brand, enhancing brand reputation too, as their meals arrive intact and complete.

Within the logistics and supply chain sector the multi layered security approach for inner and outer packaging supports product traceability through utilising sequential numbers, barcodes and QR codes which can be paired with tamper evidence. Thus, delivering robust, secure packaging solutions from the threat of counterfeiting, theft, contamination and exposure especially with the extended supply chains now having to be a consideration too.

Tamper evident labels are practical to use and provide an instant layer of security

These tamper evident labels, tapes or perforated strips of liner-less labels are an inexpensive, fast solution to securing packaging. The flexibility of product design, security features and adhesives, ensures that the labels and tapes can be applied successfully to many surfaces from cardboard, plastic, painted metal to glass, wood and flexible packaging.

Permanent tamper evident tapes provide clear indication of tampering by revealing a hidden message when peeled off or altered that cannot be replaced. The permanent message left on the surface is called the void message and this can be as simple as words, in any language, saying, OPENED, DO NOT USE IF SEAL BROKEN to barcodes, numbers and QR codes verifying the products authenticity. The removal of the permanent label splits the label into two layers which can-not be reattached to each other as the dry peel adhesive has no tack and the void message is in the removed label or tape too.

The non-residue or non-permanent security solution has all the same features as the permanent tape or label but will not leave a permanent message on the surface. The label voids within itself and can-not be reapplied as the void is clearly visible once removed.

Tamper evident tapes and labels are easy to integrate into existing processes so there is no cost to change, just enhanced security and consumer protection.

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