Red Non-Residue 85mm x 25mm

Red Non-Residue 85mm x 25mm

Red Non-Residue 85mm x 25mm

Colour:                      Red

Size:                           85mm x 25mm

Direction:                  Wide Edge Leading – WEL

Void Message:         OPENVOID

Related Applications

Non-residue, self-adhesive security labels are pressure sensitive and very easy to apply to a number of surfaces from metals, plastics, glass, painted, fabric, crates and veneers.

These tamper evident labels add a new layer of security instantly and can be overprinted by TamperTech with bar codes, QR codes, words, sequential numbers and one colour logos.

TamperTech’s peelable security labels reveal a hidden void message when removed.

Non-residue security labels leave no visible mark on the surface applied to and cannot be replaced once removed, due to the changes on the label surface.

Non-residue labels provide highly visible protection to packaging, places and products from tampering, unauthorised opening and counterfeiting.

These labels can also by referred to as non-permanent or peelable labels.

If this size, colour or message doesn’t fit your requirement then contact to discuss what your business needs.