Postal and Courier


The tamper evident security tapes and labels are used within secure logistics in the postal and courier industry from the infrastructure of the mailroom to the couriers for direct mail companies, logistics, and postal services.

Permanent tamper evident tapes which leave a non-removable message on the surface of the parcels, courier bags, boxes and envelopes are used to assist with the safe distribution globally of post.

Tamper evident tapes are used to seal envelopes, files, parcels, boxes and containers to help secure invoices, tax documents, samples, garments, confidential or high value post in transit.


These tamper evident labels provide an instant additional level of postal and courier logistics security to your parcels, courier bags and boxes delivering a clear visual indication of tampering to reduce theft and increase parcel integrity.

The simple application of a tamper evident tape delivers a cost-effective solution to all mail security; internal, domestic and international.

Tamper evident tapes and security tapes improves brand awareness with corporate logos, colours and personalised void messages.

FLEXIBLE –  can be used on cardboard, painted surfaces, metals, plastics, polyethyhlene bags, crates, glass and even wood.

INSTANT – the self adhesive tapes and labels, once applied, instantly provide a new level of security.  Once removed, they will leave a permanent visible mark on the surface they were applied to. Or, if required, a non permanent, peelable adhesive option is available where no residue is left on the surface.

INDIVIDUAL – sequential numbers, barcodes, QR codes, logos, languages, colours for an overt or covert design.

EASY TO APPLY – manually or machine applied.

Other options you can consider for added performance:

irreversible thermo chromic inks, photo chromic inks, glow in the dark inks, DNA inks, bar coding, QR codes, sequential numbering (both sub surface and surface), high temperature or low temperature adhesives, holograms, metallic foils, security die cuts, customer specific text in the voiding and surface messages…