Tamper Evidence and Brand Protection

Tamper Evidence and Brand Protection
April 13, 2021 hjc@tampertech.net

Update your security labelling features in response to global anti-counterfeiting today! 

Counterfeiting of products has grown by 10,000% over the last 20 years across virtually all industry sectors according to Forbes and is continuing to grow. From clothing, pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, cosmetics, watches, auto-parts, handbags and shoes through to electronics and games.

The threat to consumers health and safety is huge and the real loss of jobs, estimated to be 5.4 million by 2022. This global counterfeiting environment needs to be challenged with joined up thinking and the coming together of key identifiers and package traceability.

Refresh your brand labelling to increase your security

Tamper evident labels and security box tapes are key identifiers. They are difficult to replicate and add a layer to your brand protection with a new authentication method. The use of tamper evidence technology within a brands labels and packaging tapes can be used to increase customer engagement as well as security, with campaign hashtags and QR codes.

The redesigning of labels and addition of new authentication methods gives brands an opportunity to reach out to consumers and differentiate themselves from their competition. The brand could promote their commitment to anti-counterfeit threats with the new security features to help customers and the supply chain identify and authenticate their genuine products.

Why it is important to revisit your security cycle

 “TamperTech recommend that brands revisit their security labelling every 2-3 years at least, to keep ahead of the counterfeiters.  There is high degree of individuality in design and technical expertise in security feature options available for brands to choose from.”

Harriet Chiles, General Manager at Tamper Technologies continued, “Ensuring that the customer can identify label authenticity easily, with the irreversible tamper evident features selected. Our labels can fit in to existing systems and processes easily with no cost to change, which is key in the coming together of packaging, products and technology.”

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