Pharmaceutical Product Security

Pharmaceutical Product Security
February 17, 2021

Enhance pharmaceutical product safety with layered tamper evident solutions

TamperTech’s security seals are a critical tool in providing an immediate additional layer of security to pharmaceuticals, tests, and vaccines.  The flexibility of design ensures there is a solution to every application from tubes, vials, inner packaging through to outer packaging, pill boxes and cartons.

Pharmaceutical product safety is vital for customer confidence. Tamper evident seals deliver protection through a clearly visible void indication, which helps in preventing theft, diversion or the introduction of counterfeit products into your supply chain.

The application of a simple label or tape can help the fight against fraud and forgery, as these tamper evident tapes and labels cannot be re-applied once removed. With TamperTech as your supplier of ISO quality approved tamper evident solutions, you will enhance the full traceability of your products, by visibly protecting packages through the supply journey from manufacture to consumer.

Fully integrates into existing procedures

These tamper evident tapes and labels are simple to integrate into your existing packaging procedures. You do not have to change a thing, they can be applied by your existing packaging equipment and at the same speeds you work with today.

The tapes and labels can be applied automatically or manually and require no training to apply. A choice of roll widths and lengths are available and specific features, for example finger lift labels have been developed to help with manual applications.

Completely customisable to add to counterfeit protection

“TamperTech offer a high degree of individuality in design and technical expertise in security feature options available.  Our high security tapes provide tamper evident proof on products and packaging which can support your Known Consignor Status, to help move goods quicker across borders, throughout the world.”

Harriet Chiles, General Manager at Tamper Technologies continued, “With the level of individuality available our tamper evident solutions enhance your products security and company reputation, as well as being extremely difficult to copy by counterfeiters.”

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