Our Tamper Evident Tape Applications

Our Tamper Evident Tape Applications
March 10, 2019 anthony@wearesynergy.co.uk

AGRICULTURE: Pioneering solutions that prevent contaminants from entering the food chain – comply with ISO 17712, C-TPAT, OSHA and FDA standards.

AIRCRAFT: Robust, dependable materials that protect passengers, crews and planes – boost brand awareness with personalised messages and corporate logos

AIR CARGO: Ensure the security of all transportation modes including air cargo with TSA, CCSP-CCSF compliant materials

BRAND PROTECTION: The best defence against counterfeiting, diversion and tampering – only visible with the use of special equipment

CASH AND VALUABLES IN TRANSIT: Reduce exposure to uninsured cash losses with solutions that protect the economy

COLD CHAIN SUPPLY: Validate temperature changes and protect the supply chain – ensure prime product packaging is not permanently marked and can still be sold

EVIDENCE INTEGRITY: Protect the integrity and usefulness of evidence and show that items have remained secure during and after searches – low-cost, instant solutions available

FOOD + BEVERAGE: Highlight tampering without damaging prime packaging and gain an extra layer of protection

GENERAL SECURITY: Quickly identify attempts at tampering, pilfering and unauthorised entry – non-residue solutions ensure messages are not left behind

GENUINE PRODUCT: Validate warranties and protect against counterfeiting whilst protecting against theft

GOVERNMENT AND DEFENCE: Protect democracy with ballot box security solutions, defend assets from theft and track and trace goods

HEALTHCARE: Key solutions for the medical world – verify the authenticity of products and provide immediate evidence of tampering attempts

IT: Protect USB ports, disc drives and more with our wide range of IT security solutions – protect data and intelligence during storage and transit

LOSS PREVENTION: Effective visual security aids that defend companies from losses and deter would-be criminals from stealing stock and assets

MAIL ORDER: Protect goods as they make their way through the mail order supply chain – assure the quality of goods and enhance customer service

PACKAGING: Prevent theft, tampering and counterfeiting of goods no matter how big, small or complex your packaging is – cost-effective solutions that are simple to apply

PHARMACEUTICAL: Quick and simple visual authentication of goods – boost consumer confidence and protect your brand

POSTAL AND COURIER: Non-removable messages for parcels, packages, bags, boxes and envelopes – an additional level of security that boosts parcel integrity

RETAIL: Robust, secure packaging solutions that protect goods on their way to the market – prevent counterfeiting, contamination and employee theft

SEA CONTAINER: Tamper-evident non-residue labels that cannot be copied – ideal for ocean containers, air freight cargo containers, drums, barrels and truck trailers

SECURE: Flexible, instant one-time use products which can be applied manually or by machine – ideal for police, prisons, government departments and the military

SECURITY BAG: Ideal for polypropylene and polyethelene bag stock – protect cash, valuables, confidential documents and more. Ideal for banks, security services, accountants and more

SMARTPHONES: Tamper-evident non-residue wraparound labels to cover front and back cameras with high adhesion levels – deter would-be unauthorised photography and keep areas private

TRANSPORTATION: Protect goods from theft and tampering even when they are in transit – our tapes and security labels have TSA and AACA approval

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